Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Fashion: Laduree and Emilio Pucci

Emilio Pucci and Ladurée create the most stylish confectionary
French patisserie Ladurée has partnered up with Italian fashion mogul Emilio Pucci to create a box of the designer bakery’s iconic macarons all in the name of food and fashion.

Both artists in their own right the Ladurée brand is recognised for its divine flavours, elegant imagery, nostalgic atmosphere and of course the delightful macaron. Started up in the 1800s by miller Louis Ernest Ladurée, the patisserie became a chain when taken over by The Groupe Holder in 1993 and has since found success across the world with produce being sold in London, Miami and Sydney.
Ladurée and Pucci first revealed their charming box of goods at Milan Fashion Week back in February; the fashion power house of Emilio Pucci was more than happy to have their home country as place for the unveiling; now as we roll into Spring the limited edition cases of confection could be yours.
Available in two colours and two different styles the designs are unmistakably Pucci, the iconic Pucci print takes centre stage with the enchanting geometric motif and vibrant shades a visual delight.

There is a selection to choose from in two colour options; a blend of hot pink, coral and orange or cool blue, white and turquoise both of which are filled with eight scrumptious macarons. Once you have picked your colour choice you can select either the Capri box, Capri box and shopping bag or even the luxury box covered in Pucci silk, all of which you can order online.
Yann Menguy, the pastry chef for the Parisian tea room has fashioned macarons with flavours of lemon and rose creating not only a delicious new taste but also an aesthetically pleasing dessert that sandwiches together a vibrant yellow and perfect pink with a fine layer of ganache.
A captivating combination of high end fashion and lavish ingredients create an opulent gift for somebody else, treat for yourself or dinner party sweet.

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