Monday, 1 September 2014

Fashion: Barbie's Very Own Fashion Line

Mattel Inc partners up with three fashion labels to create Barbie inspired clothing lines
The most famous toy manufacturing company around, Mattel, will be partnering up with Forever 21, Wildfox and Lord & Taylor to create a fashion range inspired by their most famous creation; Barbie.
Since its launch in 1959 the Barbie doll has become one of the most popular toys ever to be created with a whole host of memorabilia and merchandise not to mention movies, TV shows, make up lines and music inspired by the infamous plastic toy, fifty five years after its birth Mattel have decided to officially pair up with numerous fashion brands to create a much-anticipated clothing line for the Barbie Girl in all of us.
Lord & Taylor are taking notes from Barbie circa the 1950s with a 12 piece sleepwear collection priced around the £20 mark and available to purchase from September 14th.
The second fashion retailer Mattel have on board is Wildfox, an L.A based celeb favourite that is famous for creating cute and quirky knitwear with a vintage feel. Wildfox will be designing an 8-piece set titled “The Wildfox Dreamhouse” that will go live in November, the most expensive of the bunch with prices starting at £22 and reaching £110, The Wildfox Dreamhouse range will be based on the fashion of the Malibu Barbie from the 80s.
Finally, Forever 21 are using the 90’s Barbie style for inspiration and will be the first to drop their collection on September 5th, it will feature a range of cosmetics, accessories and clothing and will be the most affordable with a starting price of just £2!
Mattel claims that the clothes will be suitable for all age ranges and with the style inspiration spanning over several decades there is no doubt that the designs will evoke some serious nostalgia for all of those whose childhood dream was to dress just like Barbie.


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