Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Fashion: Drop Dead Clothing Crazy Life Collection

Drop Dead Clothing lead a crazy life
Oli Sykes is back with another wildly wacky and wonderful Drop Dead clothing line this time inspired by tattoos, kids, cartoons and internet culture; take a look at the Crazy Life Collection.
Having already had great success with Itchy and Scratchy and Sega Classics the Drop Dead team are taking inspiration from the their youth as well as things that stimulate and excite such as the three dot tattoo AKA Mi Vida Loca, internet culture and high end fashion.
This time around they are using the latest printing technology, ensuring customers receive the highest quality products out there, whilst they continue to use the most up to date techniques and materials they are also experimenting with fits, shapes and styles to ensure they are offering the best they can to their consumers.

As always with Drop Dead Clothing the designs for The Crazy Life range are bold, brave and completely uncompromising, you don’t wear a Drop Dead piece of clothing half-heartedly, there is no way to rock a white which reads ‘Don’t F**king talk to me’ without confidence and a grin on your face. The same could be said for the sleeveless top that simply reads ‘Ugh’ and the black gym bag with ‘DEAD’ printed across it in large white writing.
Whilst the prints are delightfully cheeky and a little ‘in your face’ there is an element of nostalgia to all of the designs from Drop Dead, the creators seem to be equally inspired by their own youth as they are the youth of today. The ‘crazy life’ smiley face, alien print and marble effect are all reminiscent of 80s and 90s fashion with a modern twist to bring us back to 2014.
As always with Drop Dead Clothing you are sure to find something that makes you grin, laugh or gasp whether you love it or hate it The Crazy Life Collection will make even the sanest of people a little crazy, and what’s wrong with that?
Available online and in their London and Sheffield stores now, head over to the website to check it out.


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