Monday, 9 June 2014

Fashion: Drop Dead Clothing Meets Itchy and Scratchy

Drop Dead Clothing unleashes the Itchy & Scratchy collection onto the unsuspecting world of music and fashion
A favourite among scene singers, Drop Dead Clothing’s latest range of clothes and accessories features imagery from the fictional animated show made famous by The Simpsons; The Itchy and Scratchy Show. An unprecedented but genius idea, the fashion range is full of iconic Itchy and Scratchy scenarios and features everything from snapbacks and hoodies to joggers and keyrings.
Drop Dead Clothing was founded in 2005 by the lead singer of metalcore band Bring Me The Horizon, Oli Sykes. In the past nine years the alternative clothing has become wildly popular and everybody from actor Jamie Campbell Bower to singer Kellan Quinn of Sleeping with Sirens has been seen wearing a piece of the Drop Dead collection.
At first Sykes would just create the designs himself but as the love for the label grew he started to pair up with several other artists for support before opening a store in London, Carnaby with the headquarters remaining in Sheffield, the birthplace of the brand.
As we roll into the summer the British singer had unveiled the company’s coolest and quirkiest range yet; be prepared to fall to in love with that fiendish mouse and crazy cat all over again.

If you head over to the website you can see the collection in full, for the ladies there are tie lilac tie dye crop tops with Krusty the Clowns crazed face, a loose knit purple jumper printed with Itchy and Scratchy’s profile and black leggings with the same quirky design. For the lads there are printed hoodies, tees featuring the bizarre but iconic Itchy and Scratchy scenes and accessories galore. The sections are marked as ‘Girls’ and ‘Guys’ but many of the pieces are unisex including several of the tees, vests and hats.
Prices are affordable from Drop Dead Clothing, starting at £8 for the keyrings, with a tee costing around £30 and £60 for a hoodie.
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Emily-Rose Vierke

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