Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Fashion: Katy Perry Prism World Tour Wardrobe

American pop singer Katy Perry kicks off her Prismatic World Tour tomorrow (in Ireland in case you wondered) and a few sketches have been released that showcase what will be her stunning costumes. In fact Katy has been releasing the images via her Instagram over the past 10 days as a build up to her exciting tour.
The bubblegum beauty has some of the worlds top designers creating spectacular pieces for her including the king of glamour and glitz Roberto Cavalli, the bold and beautiful Fausto Puglisi and the odd garment from the weird and wonderful fashion brand The Blonds. Moschino, Todd Thomas, Discount Universe, Nicolas Jebran and Valentino have also come up with enchantingly fabulous outfits for the superstar and it is fair to say that the drawings will excite and enthrall all of those who are either lucky enough to see KatyCat on tour.
It must be wonderful to create outfits for such a star because Katy is known for taking some serious fashion risks and is a big fan of quirky, kooky pieces as much as she is a fan of lavish, glamour ensembles. From the over the top, brightly coloured catsuit from Discount Universe to the butterfly inspired petal gown by Valentino Katy Perry's latest tour is full of colour, chaos and some serious fashion.

I can only presume that Roberto Cavalli is the main designer for her wonderful world tour and I am sure that everybody will be fine with that as Katy has worn many outfits by the designer before and she always look sensational.
I found the below image on the RCFA website and it only onyl excited me further so much sparkle and so much edge, I cannot wait to see these outfits in action!

What are your thoughts?


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