Monday, 6 January 2014

Fashion: ASOS Bans Angora

ASOS joins Next and H&M to ban the use of Angora in their products
One of the most successful online fashion retailers, ASOS (previously known to be As Seen On Screen) joins many other high street shops and bans the use of Angora after PETA reveals horrifying footage.
The famous fashion powerhouse has been running since 1999 and over the past fifteen years has become one of the most popular websites for celebrity inspired and on-trend fashion. Not only do they sell clothing, shoes, beauty and accessories designed by the ASOS team but they also support other high street companies such as New Look, Motel and River Island by also stocking their products.
Now as we roll into 2014, ASOS will be having a positive effect on their customers and their subsidiaries as they remove any Angora based products from all international sites.  It came after PETA showed a graphic and sickening video of the Angora material being obtained in China.
Please be advised that you may find the following upsetting.
An investigator for PETA visited China and discovered that there are no rules or standards to follow or abide by, not only that but there is no punishment for the mistreatment of the animals. They are kept in cramped and dirty cages and lay motionless and alone after they have had their fur ripped from their little bodies.
Support ASOS and their decision by heading over to their website and buying products from a company who does not agree with the torture of rabbits. Even better, check out the website of PETA to find out ways in which you can help make the world safer for animals.

Footage from the Angora farms in China is available here
Read the article on The Upcoming too.


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