Sunday, 3 November 2013

Fashion: Hey Sailor

Hey Sailor add opulent statement jewels to their ever-growing collection
Just in time for the party season Hey Sailor have added a brilliant array of rich coloured gem pieces to their jewellery collection.
The Glasgow based company started up in May 2013 with an aim to produce fashionable, statement pieces that you could buy without leaving your home! They create a stunning mix of jewellery, accessories such as bags, sunglasses, scarves as well as sweet home pieces including tea cups and teapots. They also have a vintage section that includes retro badges, belts, sunglasses and many other eclectic pieces that just too adorable.
Run by couple Nicola and John, Hey Sailor have most recently they have added a glamorous collection of majestic rings, necklaces and bangles to their website that starts at just £4; a wonderfully low-cost for such a statement piece.
Whether you need a regal necklace to add a flair of old school glamour to a  modern gown or want to bring some splendour to an every-day outfit with an enchanting cocktail ring check out the Hey Sailor website.

The designs would also be perfect Christmas or birthday gifts and at such a fabulous price that would make excellent stocking fillers. From a quirky blue bow ring and the cute daisy charm bracelet to the gold deer necklace and adorable cat scarf there truly is something for everyone.
The Hey Sailor guys are also on pretty much every social media website out there including Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. They also have a blog that is update regularly in regards to fashion, accessories and general Hey Sailor cool stuff such as Halloween make up tutorials and how to give yourself mermaid hair! Check it out here


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