Sunday, 24 November 2013

Beauty: Katy Perry for Eylure Party Lashes

How long have these been out and why I haven't I seen them sooner?!
I can confidently say that my 'go-to' lashes for a night out are 'Cool Kitty' from the first Katy Perry Lashes collection so whenever she designs another set I'm always really excited. I am yet to try out the coloured ones because I can never find them anyway but I really want to give the 'Ka-Pow' purple ones a whirl as I tend to wear purple/pink/silver eye make-up when I go out. 
Anyway, this latest collection from the quirky queen of pop is full of glamour, glitter and is the perfect pick for the party season.

You have four stunning choices to pick from and for just £7.99 they are sure to be worth every penny.
The 'Backstage' lashes are thick and black dotted with silver studs at the baseline to bring a rocky edge to any beauty look.
The'Starstruck' set are glittering with diamond style embellishments on the outer corner suited to the glamour puss in all of us.
The 'Showtime' blues are apparently Katy's favourite and with the bold cobalt colour and pretty perfect black lashes I can see why.
Finally, 'Sunset Stripped' are possibly my favourite of the bunch with a sparkling gold strip which can act as eyeliner and full, textured lashes.

I cannot wait to try these out and I will most certainly do a review on the pair I do test as they all have some sort of detailing that could cause problems it'll be interesting to see if this does effect the lashes.

Are you excited about these too?!

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