Sunday, 13 October 2013

Life: Halloween Costume Two


Spring Breakers
A group of teenager girls who become mixed up in sex, drugs and rap music doesn't seem too bad but when two of them turn rogue and ending up murdering a party full of people you have yourself Halloween perfection.

There are a few outfits you could wear when you dress up as Cotty, Candy, Brit or Faith but the central piece to every outfit is the bikini so if you aren't up for rocking a bikini this Halloween look away now!
Each girl rocks a slightly different look so it depends on who you decide to go as but a brightly coloured bikini with a large, over-sized hoodie to keep you warm. If you fancy you can wear the string vest like Cotty or a pair of hot pants as all girls slip on a pair at some stage in the movie.

Hair, Face & Nails
Once again it all depends on who you decided to go as, I'm a brunette but Selena is the slimmest out of them all so I would probably go as one of the other three which means either some serious hair dying or a wig is required; both fun ideas. Ebay and Amazon stock a brilliant selection of wigs in lilac, pink, blonde, brunette in pretty good quality for under £10 so be sure to check them out.
Make up and a tan is a must have, after all "It's spring break y'all!!" Smudgy eyeliner and mascara and a golden skin tone to offer the partying in the sun look this girls have.
Nail polish is a maybe but make sure it's a little chipped, these girls just want to have fun they're do high on life (and drugs) to care!

Shoes, Jewelry and Finishing touches
Amen to flats! Whether you go for flip flops, mules, Vans or trainers you will have the look nailed and super comfortable too, boom!
A weapon is required, especially if you go as Brit or Candy, they're love for guns is a little absurd.
If there is two of your going as the dynamic duo that is Brit and Candy a yellow bikini, hoodie with a pink balaclava and gun would be the ideal outfit. If not and you want some more accessories add a trucker cap and reflective sunglasses.

The thing with this outfit is that it's so easy and so cheap as the majority of us already own a bikini, shorts, hoodie and a pair of trainers!

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