Thursday, 17 October 2013

Fashion: By Emily

I love discovering new and exciting brands via my journalism and blogging work, this is exactly what has happened with By Emily :D
Revisit your childhood with cute and quirky jewellery By Emily
Emily Sidwell was born and raised in England and takes inspiration from her childhood to create jewellery that has heart, soul and a lot of love.
Having studied Fine Art at university and graduated in 2008 Emily Sidwell, the creative mind behind By Emily, travelled around the world for a year before settling down in London and starting up her own business. Now in 2013 By Emily is available online and is receiving rave reviews from everybody who has managed to snatch themselves up a charming piece of delightful jewellery.
Made by hand in her studio at home, the By Emily collection comes together by the use of the lost wax casting process, following this each piece is then cast into the desired metal to create a one-off sentiment. Although the designs may be the same the fact that Emily sculpts and moulds every individual article herself means that each differentiates in one way or another, all of them stamped with the mark of Emily.
As Emily invites you to recall your childhood experiences you are also invited into hers, the wonderful thing about By Emily is the intimacy of the brand, you can see all of the memories injected into each piece of jewellery and it’s hard not to fall in love.
The bronze Peter Pan and Wendy necklace with green Swarovski crystals is a pleasant reminder of the fairy tale (and Disney movie) we all know and love. She is also inspired by animals and offers a fitting personality to all of them, the rose gold fox ring is crafty and the dormouse earrings are reminiscent of those from Alice in Wonderland.
Prices vary from product to product, starting out at £25 and going up to £320 but Emily is always adding new designs to her line and as soon as you pick yourself a ring you will spot a bracelet or necklace you fancy! If you want to check out her products and find where stocks them you can head over to the official By Emily website here.
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