Friday, 25 October 2013

Music: Bangerz by Miley Cyrus Review

Miley Cyrus
I'm indifferent when it comes to Miley Cyrus, I can take or leave all the drama that surrounds the Nashville native but I did enjoy her two singles so thought I would give her latest album a listen. 
When the name for the album was released the majority of people cringed (I was in that high percentage) but Miley promised that once we gave the CD a listen we would understand the name, I can see her point; kind of. This is my general consensus in regards to the entire music from Bangerz.
With collabs and input from Pharrell, Ludacris, Britney Spears and Nelly you are offered a mix of dance anthems, RnB tunes and some seriously awesome backing beats and high class vocals from the leading lady. 
I just always have the nagging feeling that she is trying just a little too hard, some of the lyrics just don't work with her cool Tennessee accent "Drivin so fast about to piss on myself/The police wanna get him and put him in jail/I'm a do whatever to get him his bail." However, in the same song, 4x4, we receive a country-based rap from Nelly (I know right) and I fall in love with her all over again. 
I  just adore that the country vibe is still present, Miley has such a Southern twang to her voice and it seeps through in every song, she never tries to hide her heritage and even states "I'm a southern belle crazier than hell/ Getting wild up in here/ Getting live up in here." Miley proves that country can work on a dance, pop and even RnB track and pretty well too.
I, of course have my favourites, the catchy, fast-pasted Do My Thang as well as Hands in the Air with its heavy bass and awesome Ludacris rap caught my attention as did the epic Lady GaGa like FU that showed off Miley's vocal talent and offered a slightly creepy, Halloween-like tune.
As well as the upbeat pop rockers there are a few that follow in the footsteps of Wrecking Ball and show a much more subdued and emotional side to the singer. Drive in particular almost has a chill-out feel and Miley's voice sounds brilliant and is filled with emotion as she sings "Drive my heart into the night/You can drop your keys off in the morning/Cause I don't want to leave home, without your love." It makes you wonder, how many of these are about her past, greatly publicized, relationship?
It is fair to say I quite simply love over half the tracks on the album and to be honest there aren't any that I hate. 

Miley has created a perfect party album with a smart mix of heart-felt chill out tracks and toe-tapping pop songs.

Listen to if you like:
In The Zone by Britney Spears
The Fame by Lady GaGa

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Life: Halloween Costume Three

Zombie/Possessed/Bloody Cheerleader
With this one there are a few routes you could go down, cheerleader fighting against zombies, cheerleaders already as zombies or cheerleaders who are in the process of becoming zombies. 

You can create your own outfit but there are so many awesome cheerleading costumes out there, both media inspired and original for a decent prices (generally less than £25) that you might as well purchase one of those. Check out ebay and amazon for cheaper versions available from fancy dress sites. 
If you want you could just go for a simple ra ra or skirt skirt with a top in the similar shade or a contrasting colour and add some writing or imagery to the top. Throw on a hoodie to keep yourself warm :) 

Hair, Face & Nails
There are some awesome tutorials on Youtube that sure you how to create the undead/zombie/bloodied victim look. Here are a few of my favourites 1,2 and 3 but I would pick some fake blood, dark red lipstick and dark eye-shadows (browns, purples, reds) to create an undead look, there are a few palettes out there which tick all the boxes.
With nails keeping them unpolished and dirtying them up with some paint, make up etc works or even chipping already painted nails keeps the messy look alive.
Whatever you do with your hair, whether you wear it down or up in a ponytail matte it up with blood and make it scruffy, you've just been attacked remember?

Shoes, Jewelry & Finishing Touches
Trainers are the best option and, yay, the comfiest! That's all you need for this one, the focus remains on the make up and bloody aspect of the costume. If you cant be doing with using make up to create cuts and bites you can pick some up online for a cheap price.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Fashion: Kardashian Kollection for Lipsy

Kardashian Kollection for Lipsy

The girls are back :D

In just three days the Kardashian Kollection will be available to buy from Lipsy but until then you can check out the pieces and start planning on what you're going to buy!
It is exactly what you would expect from the three glamorous sisters; a great deal of black, splashes of colour, a dash of sparkle and some leather staples.
Lipsy have always been a go-to for the party girl and the perfect place to pick up an outfit for a night out or a special dress for a Christmas party so of course the Kardashian ladies are the ideal choice. They have most certainly hit the nail on the head, check out my fav garments below:

I love the sequin jacket as it will glam up any ensemble; pair with a camisole, jeans and heels or throw over a simple black mini dress.
This leather mini is great as it can be worn for day or night and you could even wear it work with a shirt and pumps or with flats and a tee for laid-back cool.
The lace jump-suit speaks for itself, it is a show-stopper for sure and when Kourtney was photographed in it recently she turned everybody's heads.
Nothing says Kardashian quite like an eye-catching body-con and this printed blue number is to-die for, I love the quirky graphics and the mix of bright blue shades.
This feather jacket is amazing! I love the colour with the dashes of deep green, I am a massive fan of fur coats but I definitely think that feather coats are the way to go.
Finally Khloe rocks this faux-leather black dress so well and I cannot express how much I adore it, its such a flattering shape and I can tell that PU dresses are here to stay.

This collection if all over the internet but you can check it out here. As with all Lipsy pieces prices vary from £50-£150, high end high street. 
So ,what do you adore from this collection?

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Fashion: By Emily

I love discovering new and exciting brands via my journalism and blogging work, this is exactly what has happened with By Emily :D
Revisit your childhood with cute and quirky jewellery By Emily
Emily Sidwell was born and raised in England and takes inspiration from her childhood to create jewellery that has heart, soul and a lot of love.
Having studied Fine Art at university and graduated in 2008 Emily Sidwell, the creative mind behind By Emily, travelled around the world for a year before settling down in London and starting up her own business. Now in 2013 By Emily is available online and is receiving rave reviews from everybody who has managed to snatch themselves up a charming piece of delightful jewellery.
Made by hand in her studio at home, the By Emily collection comes together by the use of the lost wax casting process, following this each piece is then cast into the desired metal to create a one-off sentiment. Although the designs may be the same the fact that Emily sculpts and moulds every individual article herself means that each differentiates in one way or another, all of them stamped with the mark of Emily.
As Emily invites you to recall your childhood experiences you are also invited into hers, the wonderful thing about By Emily is the intimacy of the brand, you can see all of the memories injected into each piece of jewellery and it’s hard not to fall in love.
The bronze Peter Pan and Wendy necklace with green Swarovski crystals is a pleasant reminder of the fairy tale (and Disney movie) we all know and love. She is also inspired by animals and offers a fitting personality to all of them, the rose gold fox ring is crafty and the dormouse earrings are reminiscent of those from Alice in Wonderland.
Prices vary from product to product, starting out at £25 and going up to £320 but Emily is always adding new designs to her line and as soon as you pick yourself a ring you will spot a bracelet or necklace you fancy! If you want to check out her products and find where stocks them you can head over to the official By Emily website here.
Check this article out on The Upcoming.


Sunday, 13 October 2013

Life: Halloween Costume Two


Spring Breakers
A group of teenager girls who become mixed up in sex, drugs and rap music doesn't seem too bad but when two of them turn rogue and ending up murdering a party full of people you have yourself Halloween perfection.

There are a few outfits you could wear when you dress up as Cotty, Candy, Brit or Faith but the central piece to every outfit is the bikini so if you aren't up for rocking a bikini this Halloween look away now!
Each girl rocks a slightly different look so it depends on who you decide to go as but a brightly coloured bikini with a large, over-sized hoodie to keep you warm. If you fancy you can wear the string vest like Cotty or a pair of hot pants as all girls slip on a pair at some stage in the movie.

Hair, Face & Nails
Once again it all depends on who you decided to go as, I'm a brunette but Selena is the slimmest out of them all so I would probably go as one of the other three which means either some serious hair dying or a wig is required; both fun ideas. Ebay and Amazon stock a brilliant selection of wigs in lilac, pink, blonde, brunette in pretty good quality for under £10 so be sure to check them out.
Make up and a tan is a must have, after all "It's spring break y'all!!" Smudgy eyeliner and mascara and a golden skin tone to offer the partying in the sun look this girls have.
Nail polish is a maybe but make sure it's a little chipped, these girls just want to have fun they're do high on life (and drugs) to care!

Shoes, Jewelry and Finishing touches
Amen to flats! Whether you go for flip flops, mules, Vans or trainers you will have the look nailed and super comfortable too, boom!
A weapon is required, especially if you go as Brit or Candy, they're love for guns is a little absurd.
If there is two of your going as the dynamic duo that is Brit and Candy a yellow bikini, hoodie with a pink balaclava and gun would be the ideal outfit. If not and you want some more accessories add a trucker cap and reflective sunglasses.

The thing with this outfit is that it's so easy and so cheap as the majority of us already own a bikini, shorts, hoodie and a pair of trainers!

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Beauty: Mariah Carey and O.P.I

Whenever I do a beauty blog post it often features OPI, doesn't it? I more than have a soft spot for the nail brand....

Mariah Carey and O.P.I; The Holiday Nail Collection
The Queen of glitter partners up with the ultimate nail polish company to creatively a perfectly festive collection of shimmering paint to make your fingers suitably stylish for the coming Christmas season.
World-class diva Mariah Carey is known for many things her stunning vocal range, her demanding diva behaviour, her love for all things glamour and of course that Christmas song. So who better to create a range of festive nail lacquers for us all to fall in love then the songstress herself? Teaming up with Californian Nail Company O.P.I Mariah Carey has designed eighteen delightfully Christmassy pots of colour that will have you feeling jolly and festive in no time. Famed for working with celebrities and being inspired by popular culture, O.P.I clearly understands how much everybody adores Mariah Carey’s iconic Christmas album and her classic songs remind us all of the season (and the reason) to be jolly.

The eighteen piece set is a visually stunning collection of reds, metallic, shimmers and sparkles. Stand out shades include ‘In My Santa Suit’ a metallic berry as well ‘Visions of Love’ which is a dark seductive burgundy, ‘I Snow You Love Me’ a scattered silver sparkle that looks just like tiny holographic snowflakes and also ‘All Sparkly And Gold,’ which is exactly as it says on the label, a party read gold. 
There are also six ‘Liquid Sand’ varnishes in a sparkling cobalt blue, off black, gunmetal silver, pearly peach, shimmery champagne and frosty silver. These six bottles are created with the latest technology so that a topcoat isn’t required; they have a textured, matte finish to offer an edgy style that differentiates from the normal nail polishes.
O.P.I consistently makes top-notch nail varnishes with long lasting colour, shine and sparkle so this selection of jolly shades will, hopefully, follow in the same path.
Available next month for around £6, Mariah Carey’s enchanting O.P.I polishes will be online for all to buy either as a cheeky Christmas treat for yourself, a little stocking filler or even as a Secret Santa gift for that glamour puss colleague you were struggling with!

Check this article out and many other beauty based reports at The Upcoming


Monday, 7 October 2013

Fashion: Charlotte Olympia Halloween Collection

Charlotte Olympia is by far my favourite footwear and accessories designer and, of course, Halloween is my favourite holiday, so you can understand my excitement when I discovered that Charlotte Olympia had released a fabulously fiendish line of shoes and bags inspired by the spooky holiday.

The collection is a fantastical mix of Halloween themed goodies that includes pumpkin inspired pumps, bat printed platforms and a vampire clutch.
It seems that Charlotte Olympia has picked her statement pieces; the Dolly heels, Kitty flats and Pandora clutch and given them a spooky twist with gothic vampire teeth printed on the box clutch, vampire cats on the flats and a quirky bat print on the heels.

Are you madly in love with thsi collection as much as I am? I have so much love for the 'Batty for Pandora' clutch as well as the 'Trick of Treat' pumps and 'Midnight Dolly' platforms. What do you have your eye on?
As with all Charlotte Olympia pieces the price vary but are around £400-£1000 totally worth it for a piece of Halloween fashion that will still work once the haunting season is over. If only I had £1000......


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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Life: Halloween Costume One

Bellatrix Lestrange

There is no denying the evil that is Bellatrix Lestrange, the Death Eater embodies all that is wrong with the wizarding world. Famed for killing Sirius Black as well as torturing Alice and Frank Longbottom to the point of insanity she is the perfect choice for Halloween.

I think when it comes to Bellatrix's costume the first place to check out is ebay or charity shops. Her ensemble is, of course, all black with rips, tears and is totally falling apart-reflecting the insane, sinful character that she is.
Many fancy dress sites stock her costume for about £25-£50 but I often think a home-made one is much cooler!
You need a black gypsy skirt which is full length, a black corset, a black long-sleeved top and some black shoe laces or black ribbon, if you're up for some sewing grab some black lace too in order to create a skirt overlay. Simply cut the sleeves of the top and intertwine the laces then re-attach to the shoulder, you can also cut along the seam down the arm and do the same.

Hair, Face & Nails
Bellatrix has one crazy-ass hairstyle going on, curling tongs are required with some serious back-combing and a spray of white hair colour to showcase the greying in Bellatrixs' hair.
Make-up is key here, Bellatrix has dark eyes both in colour and surrounding, defined cheekbones 
Make-up wise you need a pale foundation, a mix of brown shadows that can be used for contouring as well as darkening around the eyes and this affordable eye-shadow palette By Little Mix is perfect to create the dark, sallow look of  Bellatrix. I have even found an awesome tutorial online by Michelle Phan, check it out here
As for her nails, all you need is a bit of chipped nail polish and to dirty them up to create the grubby, disheveled Bellatrix Lestrange look.

Shoes, Jewelry & Finishing touches
Black boots are the footwear of choice and that is a bonus as ankle boots with either a small heel or no heel at all will be super comfortable for the entire night!
A skull type necklace and a collection of rings is a great addition to truly pull the look together.
Also don't forget that Bellatrix is a Death Eater and has spent time in Azkaban so she has some serious scars, tattoos and marks to show for it-including the horrific Dark Mark.

Are you a Bellatrix fan? Could you rock the Death Eater style? I do love this idea the only thing that puts me off is how hot it would be to party all night in this outfit!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Life: October Loves

Autumn is upon are my October picks :)

Music: October 2013 Playlist

Ooh it's Halloween month!! Yesssssss!I might just do a post on Halloween ideas....
Anyway this month includes a few covers, a bit of screamo some album tracks and some serious pop, here is my Autumnal playlist :D
  1. Flatline-Mutya Keisha Siobhan
  2. Dark Horse-Katy Perry
  3. Talk Dirty- Jason Derulo
  4. Beautiful Life- Union J
  5. Diana- One Direction
  6. When I Was Your Man- Boyce Avenue feat. Fifth Harmony
  7. Wrecking Ball- James Arthur
  8. The Fault In Our Stars- Troye Sivan
  9. Wherever You Are- 5 Seconds of Summer
  10. Counting Stars- One Republic
  11. Robbers- 1975
  12. Fashionably Late- Falling In Reverse
  13. Fairweather Fans- Ronnie Radke
  14. Starting Over-An Honest Year