Friday, 13 September 2013

Fashion: NYFW- Vera Wang

Vera Wang: Sporty and Sheer for Spring

The spring 2014 line from Vera Wang was described to be “an Artful and Architectural Approach to clothes with a decidedly Athletic reference,” and this simple yet informative sentence perfectly sums up the collection.
The latest fashion line from the American designer is a sport-inspired set that still has the flowing romantic attributes featured in every Vera Wang fashion show. The two vastly opposing themes created a striking mix of flyaway dresses, sheer outfits and sport-like getups.

The styling was kept simple and supported the press notes as every model had her hair slicked back with a headband keeping her hair and/or fringe out of her face; all very gym like.
Fabrics were clearly sport focused with mesh being a strong feature, the thin material was reminiscent of baseball and basketball jerseys and appeared on many articles from full length gowns to cropped jackets. Silk and chiffon were also prominent and appeared as a basis for numerous ensembles as layering was key, these gauzy materials were often separated by mesh or net panels thus keeping the sport element alive.
Many of the shapes were also rather athletic; in particular the racer-back vest was seen on many of the models and although a rather masculine shape Wang managed to make it appear far more feminine by pairing with the sheer chiffon and silk as well as a great deal of sequins.

Wang used primary colours to showcase her designs; red, yellow and blue with black and white also making an appearance. The vivid colours played up to the sport-like component whilst the black offered a tougher look and the white kept the trademark romance of Vera Wang present. The chiffon flower detailing, melted sequin effect and breezy painted brush stroke pieces were all resonant of classic Vera Wang. Although there was a great deal of flowing fabrics and dreamy dresses every time you had a soft piece it was paired wonderfully with a sports style article of clothing resulting perfectly in an artful, architectural yet athletic fashion line.
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