Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Fashion: The Martini Sweater

La Roquette and Ethel Vaughn present the Martini sweater

The latest ‘It’ piece of clothing is a bright, brash jumper with a brilliant back story to match.
Created by two innovative masterminds of fashion; Katrin Weber and Fee Romero, the ‘Martini’ sweater is the most comfortable, cool and comical sweater you will ever come across.
One of the designers in question, Fee Romero, is currently part of the exciting fashion company La Roquette. La Roquette is an independent German fashion company that was founded in 2011 by four creative minds with professional experience in video, design, and photography. Since its launch just two years ago they have produced film and photo projects for numerous fashion and lifestyle companies.
Just one year before, in 2010, the 90s inspired fashion label Ethel Vaughn was born and this is where Katrin Weber comes into play. Ethel Vaughn is an urban avant-garde clothing company that focus on 90s style sportswear in bright colours with strong graphics; perfect for everyday life.

Whilst working together on a shoot for TISSUE magazine Katrin Weber and Fee Romero had struck gold, as part of the photo-shoot a varied number of women dyed their pubic hair in a range of rainbow colours and with this simple yet startling move the Martini sweater was born. Weber and Romero took inspiration from these daring ladies and designed this amusing yet brilliantly appealing article of clothing, the jumper was given the intriguing title ‘the Martini sweater’ due to the vibrant pattern closely resembling martini glasses.
The cosy but cool sweater is also reminiscent of the 90s Cosby era and combines bright, bold graphics with comfort; the perfect blend of on-trend style and much-needed warmth for coming winter months.
The jumper is also reversible with a quirky monochrome print on the other side, although completely opposing the vividly coloured ‘martini’ print it is still a wonderfully eye-catching pattern and is sure to get you noticed. You can check out both La Roquette and Ethel Vaughn on their official websites as well as their Facebook pages.

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