Thursday, 5 September 2013

Fashion: Autumn Colours

It is officially Autumn! How are you feeling about this? Although it is still summery weather and pretty hot the days are getting shorter and I am spying new season lines on the high street.
As with every season we have a new range of colours to pick from and on this post I'm just going to tackle those and see what we can pick up from the high street to make Autumn super stylish.
To check out the hues of the season just head over to Pantone they are always up to date the with latest in the fickle world of fashion.
So the top 10 shades are below, check them out :) I have a few favs, do you?

Rumor has it that the one colour everybody will be wearing for these few months is in fact pink! I love a bit of pink in the my wardrobe, are you more of a dusty rose or bubblegum pink? Or maybe a deep fuchsia or a hot magenta?

Any of these tickle your fancy?

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