Sunday, 25 August 2013

Life: My Birthday!!!

So I turned 24 on 17th August, how depressing right? I'm not much of a birthday person, I love to celebrate other peoples but the thought of getting older terrifies me beyond belief. But my sisters decided that I simply must do something as every year I just laze around like every other day so they decided to organise a little family gathering! It was so much fun :D
There were fruity cocktails, Chinese takeaway, lots of shots (apple sours, cherry sours, some extremely strong marzipan one...) balloons, fairy lights, red velvet cake made by Amber and drunken dance routines. Yes, we're that kind of family.....
Before the party three of my sisters, Sarah, Amber and Bryz had organised a little pampering session for me so they paid for me to have my nails done, hair done and a spray tan! Jealous?  You should be! Ha. 
My boyfriend also traveled up and so did one of my sisters Amber and her boyf Denning, they live in Bristol but I really wanted them there so I gave them, like, six weeks warning! Ha. Unfortunately my mum and little sister couldn't make it :( So gutted about that but the people in attendance were me (obv) Mitch, Bryony, Amber, Denning, Sarah, James, Dad, Veronica, Lily and Tallulah. I think everyone had lots of fun and my boyfriend and sister Bryony got extremely drunk so the walk home was....interesting...

I received awesome presents which you can check out below:

Guitar and books from Mitch, New Look Shoes from Michaela, New Look dress and jacket from mum, Marc Jacobs 'Oh Lola' perfume and money from Mitch's parents, homemade badges and tiara and Marks and Spencer underwear from Tallulah and Lily, pampering session from Bryz, Ambz and Saiz, money from dad and family :)

Celebrations continued throughout the week as Lyle stayed for a while week!! Went into London a few times, met up with Mitch's mates, watched 2 Guns, Furious 6 and Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, had some food at Pizza Express and TGI Fridays and did a cheeky bit of shopping. Good times :)

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