Saturday, 10 August 2013

Fashion: D.Fame

D.Fame Denim Collection; Vintage Styles Fused With An Abstract Artistic Influence

Run by Dennaya Famous and her younger brother Darion, D.Fame is a cool fashion brand that specialises in creating denim shorts printed with quirky patterns and stand-out graphics.        
Set up just two years ago, D.Fame has gradually become an iconic brand within the creator’s native city of Las Vegas.
Having started out as an online vintage and deadstock clothing store, the D.Fame crew worked on many fashion, celebrity and magazine shoots before deciding to try their hand at fashion design.

Dennaya and Darion take vintage garments and add a quirky detail; sometimes they even give the article a complete make-over, but they ensure that every piece still has an element of old-school charm.
The most recent collection is an on-trend assortment consisting of eclectic and stand-out denim shorts. From deep turquoise to tie-dye red, the high-waisted shorts remain vintage in their shape but the colours picked and the prints selected revitalise the pieces to create a must-have for any summer wardrobe.
This fashion set certainly has a 90s American feel to it and by checking out the company’s blog here you can see how they style their designs with crop tops and bold colours for that true 90s nostalgia. But once again D.Fame manage to keep it fresh with sleek hair and contemporary jewelry.
D.Fame also stock crew neck sweaters, crop tops and beanies, all of which are created with the same passion and originality of D.Fame’s iconic denim shorts. Prices vary from product to product but start at about $65 and go up $95, approximately £40 to £65 for us here in the UK. Unfortunately D.Fame is not available in any of our British stores, but you can most certainly purchase their designs online and have them shipped here for a pretty good price.
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