Sunday, 25 August 2013

Fashion: Celebrities Love

I had thought about doing another Celebrities Love post for some time then The Upcoming sent me across this brief and I thought BOOM! I shall add this to my blog.

As celebrities such as Emma Roberts and Jamie Chung are spotted with Gerard Darel’s ‘Dolly’ bag we wonder; is the new must-have accessory?
With a head office based within the chic city of Paris, the Gerard Darel fashion house is the epitome of Parisian fashion; simple, feminine and classically beautiful whilst at the same time remaining on trend and stylish. Inspired by iconic celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy, the Gerard Darel label has recently taken Hollywood by storm with actresses such as Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba snapped rocking several of their items.
Success first came in 2003 with the launch of the, now infamous, 24 Hours bag, available in an array of materials, sizes and colours the 24 Hours bag was seen on the arm of every fashionista and stylish celebrity out there. 2011 saw the rise of the Single Bag, a soft leather tote that you could buy in the classic black and an assortment of bold and beautiful shades including an eye-catching bright green.
Now in 2013 Gerard Darel has designed yet another iconic piece of arm candy in the form of the simple yet beautiful ‘Dolly’ bag.

With a slim chain and leather strap, three zippered pouches and classic rectangular shape the Dolly is a versatile bag suitable for all events. Emmy Rossum kept it dark and sultry as she rocked it with jeans, boots and a blazer, Emma Roberts was California cool in a pink sun dress and vintage sunglasses whilst Jamie Chung paired the bag with a spotted shirt and white shorts for a casual and cute look. Whether you need something some sleek and smart for work or fun and fashionable for the weekend the Gerard Darel Dolly is perfect.
This new ‘It’ bag will cost you £230 and can be purchased from many places online including the Gerard Darel official website

Check out the official article on The Upcoming here


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