Sunday, 11 August 2013

Fashion: Beatrice + Rabbit

"Beatrice + Rabbit is for the music junkies, the outsiders, the insiders, the freaks and the weirdos, the dreamers, the rule breakers, and the kids who get knocked down, but (somehow) always manage to get back up."- Beatrice + Rabbit

Twitter will be the devil of me in regards to fashion I swear, I think this is the sixth clothing company that I have found via the social media site! Not that I should be complaining really as they have all been awesome retail brands.
Beatrice and Rabbit is a cute independent clothing company run by Raven Cantrell and Lindsey Leigh Pratt, when I saw that the ladies cite themselves as 'Two cat ladies' on their Twitter page I knew I would be a fan; I was right.
Based in Tennesse, Beatrice + Rabbit came about when Raven and Lindsey decided to rebel against the norm of attending college and start up their own fashion company. Having been told all their lives 'they lived in a fantasy world' the two best buds thought they would turn this dream into a reality and so Beatrice + Rabbit was born.

Named after their two cats (an adorable yet smart idea) Beatrice + Rabbit create cute and quirky top that made you think "Why had this never been put on a t-shirt before?!" 
I would say my favourite design is the "I just wanna be a mermaid" tank but then I see the "FANGIRL" crop top and I'm all a fluster! The designs are cool, fun and bring out the dreamer in all of us; and that is only ever a good thing. 
Although they are based in America the dynamic duo have ensured everybody in the world can have a piece of the Beatrice + Rabbit name so they shop worldwide. (In fact at the moment it is free worldwide shipping when you send just $50/£32!)
Prices start at just $20/£13 and for an iconic top like the ones available you would be crazy to not grab one now (I'm just waiting for pay day :D)


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