Saturday, 24 August 2013

Beauty: No7 Stay Precise Liquid Liner Review

No7 Stay Precise Liquid Liner Review in Mermaid

I bought this as part of a deal No7 had on, it was buy one get one half price and I needed to invest in another mascara but honestly it was the bright colour of this eye liner that grabbed my attention. 
My first reaction was "Wow there is no way it's going to be this colour on your skin!" But I was very much wrong and was very happy to be so. 
This isn't the only shade they have, No7 have a fantastic collection including purple, green and gold but this is the only they had in store when I was shopping. 
Although it is a fairly small bottle for £7.50 you only need a fine line to have a great impact so it is likely to last for quite some time. I have green eyes with a dash of blue and yellow in (see below) but this colour would look fabulous with every eye colour out there; a truly wonderfully bright and flattering shade. 
The strongest attribute this eyeliner is its staying power! If you check out the photos below (excuse the dodgy photography) you can see I applied it in the morning and went out for the whole day- it rained might I add-but I did not need to reapply it at all! I was stunned at how well it stayed on, most certainly worth £7.50. The only problem is that you have to be very careful with the application as if you make any mistakes you are pretty much screwed as it is near impossible to remove. 
So this products best trait is also its worst...I nearly rubbed my eyes off trying to take it off! But please don't let this put you off the product. I cannot recall the last time I found an eyeliner with such fab colour and staying power.

  • Great colour
  • Brilliant staying power
  • Bright on every skintone
  • Tricky to remove
  • Small bottle

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