Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Beauty: Hair Timeline

I thought about doing this at the start of the year but I wanted to wait until I had doing something with my hair so when my big sisters decided to pay for me to have my hair, nails and tan done I thought PERFECT! I can now complete my hair timeline, from 2006 till 2013.
So have a glance below to see my hair evolution. Aged 17 to 24.

By looking at this collage you would think that I am crazy in love with my long hair but in reality I'm not that phased by it, I've just never had the massive urge to cut all my hair off, well not since 2007....I went through a bit of an Emo stage....don't ask...
I've also clearly realized what fake tan and make up, the real question is: for better or for worse?
Either way I think it's interesting to see what I've done with my hair in the past eight years. A  choppy bob, a long bob, a full fringe, sweeping fringe, side parting, centre parting, pink hair extensions, blue and purple inserts, copper highlights, golden low lights, nearly black, layered, straight, curly, wavy and now mid-length, layered, a sweeping fringe with golden copper ends. 
Have you ever thought about this? What would your hair time look like?

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