Saturday, 27 July 2013

Fashion: Eshvi

Eshvi: Luxurious costume jewellery all the way from Georgia

The first jewellery line from Eshvi is a stunning array of neon colours, bold shapes and statement designs.
Natia and Tamar, the ladies behind the Eshvi brand, moved to London all the way from Georgia in 2011 with big dreams to create their very own jewellery line. With the support of Giselle Ganne, who was already a success in the fashion world having worked for British fine jewellery guru Stephen Webster, Natia and Tamar were set for great things.
With a name that derives from the Georgian word for fang and a motto that reads “For those who dare to be different” you would expect a fierce collection of fabulous costume jewellery from these two ladies, and they do not disappoint.
In every jewellery line from Eshvi they include the soon-to-be iconic fang – a symbol of good luck in the ladies’ Georgian culture. Not only this, but it also represents the wild and untamed nature of their label.
Natia and Tamar travel all around the world grasping inspiration from all walks of life, and this is reflected in their gloriously artistic and wonderfully powerful pieces.
The designs from Eshvi are powerful and pack one hell of a punch. From bright fuchsia and silver earrings to intricate turquoise detailing on a cocktail ring, this jewellery line is bold and glamorous – the perfect addition to any outfit.
The collection includes everything you would ever need to fill up your jewellery box including rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants and bracelets. There is no word on the price yet but whatever the cost, it will most definitely be worth it.
Whether you decide to load up the bangles and rock a few rings at once or keep it simple with a blue and green fanged necklace, Eshvi will most certainly deliver a stunning piece of costume jewellery you will cherish forever.

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