Monday, 29 July 2013

Beauty: How to...Galaxy Nails

I have seen galaxy nails a fair few places and I literally love them so when I realized how 'easy' everybody was saying they were to create, I decided to tackle them myself!
I checked out a few tutorials on Youtube and also some pictures and text ones (like this) and mixed them all up to create this tutorial.

What you need (I have included pictures too!)

  • A mixture of nail polishes. I used a matte navy by Nails Inc, a shimmer grey by O.P.I, matte turquoise by Missguided, metallic deep pink by O.P.I, a shimmering indigo by Ted Baker, a glittery blue by O.P.I and clear by Rimmel
  • A sponge of some sorts. I used an old make up wedge but you could possibly use tissues too for the same effect.
What you do:
  • Paint your nails a deep colour (as the base for your art!) I chose this shimmering indigo shade by Ted Baker but you could use any deep blue or purple shade or even black
  • Wait for the base colour to dry then pick a second colour and put a little bit of the polish onto the sponge and use this to dab the nails, don't worry if it looks a bit messy mine sure did!
  • Do this with each of the colours (besides the glitter) and don't forget to blend. To do this you just use the sponge and smudge the colours together.
  • Once you have added all of the colours go over with the clear nail varnish and wait for it to dry.
  • Once it is dry to touch add the sparkle, don't use too much or it'll over take the pretty galaxy colours!
  • Finally another coat of clear and voila! Pretty Galaxy inspired nails.
I must admit that I am rather impatient and a tad messy with the nail painting skills but that's what polish remover is for-just clean it up after :)

(By the way the actual polishes I used are above and the names are as follows: the deep navy blue is Motcomb Street by Nails Inc, the two tone grey is Not Like The Movies from Katy Perry for OPI, the turquoise in Misstique by Missuided,  the grey is Not Like The Movies from Katy Perry for OPI, the blue sparkle is Last Friday from Katy Perry for OPI and the Rimmel is simply called clear. The Ted Baker varnish doesn't have a name I'm afraid!)

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