Sunday, 9 June 2013

Life: May Round Up

So its the second week in June and I'm only just doing Monthly round up. I feel that a months is too much to cram into one post, do you know what I mean?
Anyway, I think one of the reasons I have been putting this off is because I have now been without a full time role for 6 months :( I guess the perfect job just isn't out there :(
Anyway, I came back from Devon after seeing Mitch on 1st May, I was so tired I slept for over ten hours that night! I spoke to Mitch and he ended up buying the blue Supra trainers-such a bad influence...He also got his second tattoo, the superman logo :D 
I headed up to the Midlands with my sister Sarah and my two nieces, Lily and Tallulah to see my mum and my little sister Immy for her birthday. I bought her an Olly Murs pillow, a duvet set and made her Olly Murs cupcakes (she is a tad obsessed.) We ate yum food-as always-and I made awesome fruity cocktails! Non-alcoholic for the girls obviously.We watched Pitch Perfect which was a cute, girly film and made some cookies and just generally had family fun!
I spoke to my Grandma and hadn't done for ages! It was great to hear from her, she loves writing too and maybe wants me to do a novel of her life, no pressure then! She told me about a reality show she was on back in the day too-have to look into that.
I'm having to go to the job centre again :( which is very depressing but they are taking ages with my application so I have nada money, its less than ideal.
My best bud, Keyla, decided that is having a DISNEY THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTY. Uh-mazing! It's not till August but we always start planning early :D I'm going as Belle-in case you couldn't guess.
I didn't get any of the jobs/interviews from last month. I did have a few interviews this month but nothing successful. Just have to keep my head up.
I went to watch my nephew, Jack, play basketball. It was ace. Obviously, he's related to me-joking! Seriously though, he's pretty good. I picked my nieces up from school too, I see Sarah at least once a week which is amazing :) I went so many years not seeing her its so much fun to hang out. I went to the cinema to see Epic with Sarah, Lily and Tallulah too. It was a pretty decent animation. We baked delicious cookies and played on the trampoline too, it was such a sunny day we fell asleep in the garden. Woops.
My dad took me and my sister, Bryz, to the cinema to see Star Trek: Into Darkness, was AWESOME!!!
I did have some positive news in the form of Ollie & Nic, after doing an article on them they asked for me to become part of their affiliate program!! So excited and proud to be connected to such a fabulous accessories company, check them out by clicking link to the left. I've also had some interest from Phase Eight and Spartoo as well, I am a lucky one!
My sister Amber and her boyfriend Denning came down for the day as my dad took us to watch Brentford play Yeovil at Wembley. We were supporting Brentford (my dads team) and we unfortunately was so much fun. I don't follow football avidly but it was a great day out and I loved seeing my sister.
In other news I started watching The Vampire Diaries as I have, slowly but surely, ran out of TV shows! When I finally find a job I won't have any time to watch them. Anyway my sister Amber and Bryz have been going on about it for ages so I thought I'd give it a whirl. I have watched all four series in a month....yep...I'm about to watch the series finale this week. TOO.MUCH.FREE.TIME.
Anyway, Summer officially starts next month and if I don't get a job soon I don't know what I'll do! 

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