Friday, 14 June 2013

Beauty: White Hot Hair

White hot hair; here to help grey and white hair dazzle and shine

A brand new hair care range for women with white or grey hair is to be released this summer, check out White Hot Hair.
Going grey can be a daunting procedure and finding the right hair products is no mean feat but with the help of White Hot Hair you’ll wonder why you put it off for so long.
The small company is best in the Midlands and run by Jayne Mayled, the brain behind this innovative idea who decided it was about time there was a hair care range specifically designed for those with white or grey hair. As hair loses it pigment it can become brittle and requires that little bit of extra special care to make it dazzle and shine and that is exactly what White Hot Hair does.

Jayne has taken it upon herself to find the best ingredients to protect and strengthen white and grey hair; this includes shea butter extracts and white truffle moisturiser as well as Blue Lupin which will brighten white hair that little bit extra.
Not only does White Hot Hair nourish and revive white or grey hair it also smells delicious and comes in silver bottles and tubes which keeps your beauty cabinet looking glamorous. 
White Hot Hair is suitable for all those with greying hair so whether you have a silver bob or long white curls White Hot Hair has you covered.
The range is made up of six key products which are as follows; Brilliant Shampoo, Glorious Shampoo, Luminous Conditioner, Intense Lustre Mask, Lifeshine Oil and Shooshing Crème. 
Prices vary from £12-£14 and you can purchase them right from the company’s website here or head over to your local Boots
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