Sunday, 30 June 2013

Beauty: Jasmine and Sephora

After the success of the Cinderella beauty line Sephora have created another two Disney cosmetic collection this post focuses on the collection inspired by the Arabian beauty Jasmine from the hit animation Aladdin.
The glamorous and exotic princess is one of my favourites and Sephora have concocted a small yet beautiful cosmetics set which reflects her enchanting nature. The colours are rich, vivid and symbolize the great wealth of Jasmine and her family. Check out below for my favourites and info and a link for all the other products.

1.) Three Wishes Eye Liner Set $42/£27
What it is:
A charming trio for eyes that includes a liquid eyeliner, a gel liner with brush, and a chunky pencil liner. 

What it does:
Flash stunning, seductive eyes with these eyeliners inspired by Jasmine’s always-alluring look. Experiment with the versatile formulas, using the liquid liner for increased drama, the gel-cream liner for ultimate precision, and the chunky, black pencil for an intense, smoky eye. 

This set contains:
- 0.33 oz Liquid eyeliner 
- 0.087 oz Pencil eyeliner 
- 0.19 oz Gel eyeliner 

What else you need to know:
“Have a wish, or two, or three.” 

2.) Storylook Eyeshadow Palette Volume 2 $50/£32
What it is: An expansive palette of 15 sultry eye shadows, a blush, and a bronzer, all customized to match the original colors from the beloved film. 

What it does: Adorn yourself with this fantastical collection of fairy tale-inspired formulas for eyes and cheeks. From Jasmine's tiara and Rajah's fur, to sunsets, desert sands, and a vibrant magic carpet, each shade has been matched to the film's original animation. The storybook encasing is decorated with shimmering details and inside a satin tray holds the silky formulas glamorously fit for a Princess. 

This set contains
- 15 x 0.035 oz eye shadow in: 
-Blue Oasis (Matte blue turquoise)
-Trust Me (Shimmery dark pink)
-Abu (Sparkly brown)
-Ali Ababwa (Matte cream/off white)
-Sultana (Shimmer purple/brown)
-Friend Like Me (Shimmering azure blue) 
-Master (Deep shimmer purple)
-Cosmic (Metallic gold)
-Cave of Wonders (Yellow)
-Sand in the Glass (Bright white)
-Lapis (Matte bright blue)
-Mystical Wonder (Shimmering blue-purple)
-Rajah (Shimmer burnt orange)
-Arabian Sunset (Sparkling rouge)
-Bazaar (Matte brown)
-0.12 oz blush in Thrilling Chase 
-0.14 oz bronzer in Golden Sands

What else you need to know:
“You’re only in trouble if you get caught.” 

3.) The Palace Jewel Compact Mirror $20/£13
What it is:
An ornately designed compact mirror with brilliant, gold details inspired by Jasmine.

What it does:
Take a peek inside and love what you see with this gorgeous compact mirror, reminiscent of a palace treasure. Embellished with rich jewel tones and luxurious details, this purse essential speaks to Jasmine’s view of the world beyond the palace gates. Let this treasure be a reminder that only you are truly in control of your fate.

What else you need to know:
“Made you look.”

4.) A Whole New World Perfumed Body Shimmer $45/£29
What it is:
A decadent perfumed body shimmer inspired by Jasmine and housed in a classically beautiful bottle. 

What it does:
Dazzle and sparkle with this perfectly indulgent body shimmer fragrant with mystique. The rich, twinkling shimmers are infused with an exotic bouquet of orange blossom, mandarin, mimosa, warm woods, and a hint of vanilla. 

What else you need to know:
“Illuminate the possibilities.” 

The set also includes a smaller eye-shadow palette, a fragrance and a set of  nail polishes. As with all of Sephoras special Disney beauty items they have a special little story behind which is a brilliant way to sell the products; it truly does draw you in.
Head over to the site to check them all out and take your pick!
(Stay tuned for the Ariel edition!)

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