Thursday, 2 May 2013

Life: April Monthly Update

Well April could certainly have gone better that's for sure. I feel like I'm just waiting to catch a break and 6 months on still nothing, its seriously disheartening. 
I was still working for Stream at the start of the month and the launch went ahead as planned but I got snowed in and couldn't go! So annoying. Then within the first week, after the launch they asked me not to come in-that's never good. A week or so passed before I heard anything and I sent numerous emails and they decided they wouldn't be keeping the office and asked me to do some work from home. All very confusing so as it stands I am working just our hours a week and have a total of £29 to my name, it is not a good time so I back on the horrendous job hunt which never goes to plan.
I have had two interviews this month, one with a production company called Steam-I had to take a double look too! And one with Princess Productions, they were just last week so we shall see how they go, the people at Princess seem really nice so fingers crossed.
I've still been doing writing for The Upcoming which is really enjoyable and getting my creative juices flowing and my mind working!
I went to the cinema and for food with my sister Bryz and we watched Spring Breakers, I thought it was pretty good and an interesting Halloween costume idea! I would most certainly have to lose a couple of hundred pounds though! I discovered peanut butter flavour Ben&Jerrys too which was delicious but not helping me get into shape, I have been doing a work out three or four times a week and stretches though.
Pretty much smack bang in the middle of April my Ipod broke! The on/off button just stuck and wouldn't work which was far from ideal, Apple were going to charge me £75 for a new one! I managed to get it fixed for £20 which I am happy with, although that's money I really can't afford to be wasting dammit.
In sad news it was the Boston bombings on 15th April, so horrific! But I have also read some uplifting stories about people who survived and are powering through which is great, some seriously strong people out there.
As I've been spending even more time at home I watched a few films including Rock of Ages, I LOVED IT! So much so I watched it four times in one week, yeah big fan. I would certainly recommend it. I watched it when Amber came to visit (she likes it too) she traveled up from Bristol as a surprise for my dads birthday.
We went for a meal at Jamies Italian and it was OK, wasn't the best I've ever eaten but I had the most divine lemon and vanilla martini-now that was yum! I also went to lunch with my dad and some of his friends the day before; Kev, Martin the Jeweler and Robbo (my dad and his mates are literally like the cast of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) which was fun, had a sandwich and two pints. 
Went for a walk around Richmond Park with my dad, Veronica and Bryz the same weekend as it was pretty sunny but a bit windy and we saw lots of deer-so cute.
I see my sister Sarah usually about once a week, she started her new job though so think she will be busy now, I went with her to pick the girls up from school, its my old primary school so was weird being there again-seems so small. 
Lyle managed to get his birthday off work which was ace, I traveled down on Saturday and back on the Wednesday. I felt so bad as I couldn't afford to buy him ANY presents :( This is the first time in three years that this has happened, it sucks :( I can't wait to be working full time and be able to actually buy stuff! I owe him so much!
We went to see Iron Man 3- also peetty good although I didn't like the ending-and had Chinese take away and he got to see most of his fam and his sister made him a peanut butter cake so I think he had a good day. He nearly bought a pair of £105 Supra shoes-that's me rubbing off on him! Hehehe. We went for a long walk with his dog Diesel and it was mega nice weather so all in all was a good weekend!
Although April sucked and I am actually the poorest I've ever been (yay me) I am still alive and not dying or ill or any of that bad shiz sooo.....Lets just hope May is a bit better!

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