Sunday, 12 May 2013

Fashion: Wackerhaus

Wackerhaus; Danish designer creates cool yet comfortable collection

2003 was the year Danish designer Trine Wackerhausen presented her first fashion line, Wackerhaus, to the Danish fashion scene and in the past ten years she has become increasingly popular amongst, well, everyone.
With a studio based in the city of Copenhagen the pieces Wackerhausen has designed have clearly been influenced by the coolness of the capital and its fresh Danish surroundings, this results in crisp, classically beautifully pieces which remain consistently timeless.
The latest Wackerhaus collection is a stunning array of bold yet elegant garments in refreshing shades which offer the perfect mix of comfort and style.
This seems to be Wackerhausen’s aim; to create comfortable yet chic pieces which we love to wear, and boy does she succeed.
From a simple vest top to cosy knitwear Wackerhausen picks a classic shape and adds to it in order to create something universally modern; a lace insert, a draped back, a dipped hem all of which make the product stand out in the most positive way.
She also enjoys combining masculine and feminine styling which results in an elegant yet powerful fashion line. A high neck, collared shirt will be feminised buy a pretty aqua colour and soft, flowing material, or a pair of loose-fitting slacks will be created in eye-catching metallic blue and party-ready silver.
With stores currently in Europe, the US and Asia the Wackerhaus name is soon going to be a name you are hearing all around the world so be the first to grab a chic, sleek stylish piece which you will never want to take off.


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