Sunday, 5 May 2013

Fashion: Summer Colours

With summer just around the corner its the perfect time to think about injecting a little more colour into your wardrobe. You'd think we'd all be wearing bright colours in Autumn and Winter to lift our moods but strangely we seem to stick to muted or darker tones in the colder month. 
SO I have been thinking and there are many ways to add some colour to your outfit and I've picked four different schemes to work with; Pastels and Sorbets, Metallic and Shimmer, Bright and Bold & Neon and Fluorescent! Whether you just want a neon nail polish or are brave enough to go for a metallic mini dress its the perfect time to make a simple outfit pop!
Check out below for some inspiration :)

Fluorescent and Neon
Personally I wouldn't wear this as an entire outfit as you risk looking like a dodgy 80s extra! My favourite way to wear neon is on jewelry, it works surprisingly well and on my time I have had some hate towards neon and anything too lurid but I think with the right ensemble it can really work.

Metallic and Shimmer
This can be a tricky one to pull off as with neon you risk looking garish but done well it can look so glamorous and work for any occasion. Blue and purple are the best colours to wear as green and red are a little Christmassy but pink and muted nude colours look cute too!

Rainbow and Bold
Not to be confused with neon, this is still about strong and bright colours but they are far more muted and work far better together, block colours is always in fashion you just have to pick the right shades. 

Pastels and Sorbet
Ice cream colours seem to just get cuter each season, this is possibly my favourite of all (maybe drawing with rainbow brights.) I don't know what it is about them, whether its because they can be feminine and girly or look great with any metallic shade or just remind me of candy but I simply love pastels!

If I was picking a selection from each I would have a neon necklace and maybe a cute bag, a metallic bikini and heels and I would love a metallic satchel too! I would pick bold coloured stilettos possibly in hot pink, coral or yellow and I maybe a red mini dress (not together though) and from pastels I want one of everything!

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