Saturday, 11 May 2013

Fashion: Ollie & Nic

Ollie & Nic: Timeless & stylish accessories

Founded in 2002 and launched in 2003, Ollie & Nic is a classically cute handbag and accessories company which has continued to make waves through the world of fashion.
Stores are dotted all around the country, literally. There are a few in London, one in Cardiff, another in Glasgow and then one based in Chester and Brighton so whether you are off for a summer trip to the South or a party weekend to Wales check out Ollie & Nic for the perfect accessory. Not to mention the perfectly accessible website which is easy to navigate and answers any questions you may have regarding delivery, gift vouchers and (not that you will need it) returns.
Whether you need a luxury handbag or a pretty scarf you are guaranteed to find at least one piece which makes you coo with excitement.

Ollie & Nic have managed to always stand on trend and remain relevant without losing the timeless pretty style and affordable prices which has made them so popular. They offer stunning jewellery which includes bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings which you can snap up for as little as £12, even the most expensive is less than £30 and when you see the gorgeous designs you won’t believe it cost so little.
Ollie & Nic have also managed to cover every accessory option out there, you name they have it. From needing a scarf for those chilly winter mornings, an umbrella for rainy autumn night or sunglasses for bright summer days you can buy them all either online or in store.
They have also succeeding in staying up to date with the latest technology fad for all the techy geeks out there who wishes to combine their love for computers with fashion buy designing laptop, phone and iPad cases in a range of delightfully sweet prints at under £35.
Might we add that Ollie & Nic are currently holding a mid-season sale where much of the stock is currently less than half price so pick up a bargain beauty by heading over to right now.

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