Friday, 12 April 2013

Fashion: Yanks vs. Brits

Here comes round 4!
Male popstars are up for the votes this time round.
You may have noticed that a few of my posts recently have been leaning towards male fashion and this is because it is something which interests me and I would like to learn a bit more about but I must add that it is so much trickier to find out who they are wearing!
In all honesty though my heart is with the female world, guys can't don't tend to wear Charlotte Olympia heels or a Marchesa dress so....

For the Yanks we have Justin Timberlake, Frank Ocean, Will.I.Am and Bruno Mars.
All four of them are both incredibly original in their styling but at the same time share similar aspects. 
Will.I.Am is definitely the most adventurous, a fan of Vivienne Westwood the BEP star can has an almost metro-sexual way of dressing and can often be seen rocking studs, metallics and Louboutin pumps. 
Frank Ocean is another who seems to have a favourite designer, that being Christian Dior. The singer is often seen in the french fashion houses clothes but on first glance Ocean has an almost British look but his simple styling and lack of accessories is far too American cool. 
Justin Timberlake is is also rather cool in his appearance. Classically smooth when in a tux, whether its D&G or Tom Ford but laid-back casual Californian in shorts, trainers and a tee.
Then we have Bruno Mars, the Hawaiian original who manages to channel his heritage whilst still rocking American style in printed shirts, cool t-shirts and his trademark fedoras. 

Tinie Tempah, Olly Murs, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan, 
Brit picks were trickier then the Americans, we are a much small country after all! Lets start with Tinie Tempah, this guys just screams sophistication, nobody rocks Burberry with quite the same slickness as this guy. Even if a emerald cardigan or aztec print shirt he oozes charisma.
Louis Tomlinson is our first One Direction member and even though I'v never been a fan of braces, boys in buttoned up shirts and tight jeans Louis is easily one of the best dressed men I have ever seen. Seriously. He loves Alexander McQueen as much as Topman and wears both with ease and class.
The second member is Niall Horan, the polar opposite to his band-member; loose tees, Supra trainers and sweats take up a great deal of his wardrobe. You almost swap him with Frank Ocean as I feel what the Irishmen wears is sometimes slightly American. Even in a suit he partners it with Vans and a white t-shirt rather then a shirt and brogues like his band-mate.
Finally, we have Olly Murs the Essex boy, you can always rely on Olly to rock a waistcoat and trilby with true cheeky chappy status. I love his constant polo-shirt wearing and like Louis you can often see him in chinos and braces. 

The winner of this round goes to the Brits. It was a tricky as both are super stylish but I always love what our Brit boys are wearing from Louis' Topman shirts to Tinies Burberry trench coat. Nearly at a draw people!
Check out below for some style stealing:

All Saints, Band of Outsiders, River Island

ASOS, Topman, Next

Yanks 3-2 Brits

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