Monday, 22 April 2013

Fashion: Movie Inspire

The Great Gatsby

This is a new post I think I will be doing every month, maybe twice a month depending on how many films spark my fashion interest.
I have started with a glamorous one and one of my favourite books; The Great Gatsby
I love the glamour, sparkle and style of the 20s and Daisy Buchannan is a lead who simply oozes glamour, albeit she is a rather selfish and shallow character but nobody is perfect right? Then we have Myrtle Wilson, Jordan Baker and Catherine Wilson all who have the classic 20s style; long necklaces and headbands, silk and shimmer, ruffles and feathers, pearls and diamonds. Simply love the nude colours and pastels and the art deco and geometric prints combined with so much gloss!
In this era you could either go full on 20s temptress in a flapper dress and t-bars or modernize it shorts and a cute camisole. 
Check out below for images from the new 2013 remake and some outfit inspiration:

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