Thursday, 18 April 2013

Fashion: Charlotte Olympia Cosmic Collection

Man, I love Charlotte Olympia. When I'm actually making a decent amount of money a pair of Charlotte Olympia shoes is precisely what I shall be buying!
I simply love everything about her designs and even though I'm terrified of spiders and everything about them I adore the fact she uses a web as her logo (Charlottes Web get it?)
Her trademark is obviously the classic heeled pump with an island platform, usually with an interesting twist such as clashing colours, an eclectic print or a quirky heel.
Either way I must visit her site at least once a day just to look at the pretty shoes....
Anyway, most recently the fabulous shoe designer has decided to design a pair of flats and a matching box clutches which represent all of the twelve star signs, GENIUS! 

Each pair of the wonderfully cute pumps comes with a a sweet little notebook which provides some info about your star sign and fashion mantras. Whats not to love? As previously mentioned she has put a twist on her classic Pandora clutch with matching encrusted symbols which represent the star sign. Check out below for the full Cosmic Collection!

Which one is your true starsign and which one do you actually like? 
I'm a Leo and though I do like my suited design I love the Aquarius, Pisces,Virgo, Libra and Capricorn ones too. I want them all!

From what I've seen there has been some pairing up with already designed Charlotte Olympia heels but I think thats just some creative ideas being thrown about but big Charlotte Olympia obsessess (who can blame them, right?)
Check out the website for more info on this super cute and stunning pieces!

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