Monday, 22 April 2013

Fashion: Movie Inspire

The Great Gatsby

This is a new post I think I will be doing every month, maybe twice a month depending on how many films spark my fashion interest.
I have started with a glamorous one and one of my favourite books; The Great Gatsby
I love the glamour, sparkle and style of the 20s and Daisy Buchannan is a lead who simply oozes glamour, albeit she is a rather selfish and shallow character but nobody is perfect right? Then we have Myrtle Wilson, Jordan Baker and Catherine Wilson all who have the classic 20s style; long necklaces and headbands, silk and shimmer, ruffles and feathers, pearls and diamonds. Simply love the nude colours and pastels and the art deco and geometric prints combined with so much gloss!
In this era you could either go full on 20s temptress in a flapper dress and t-bars or modernize it shorts and a cute camisole. 
Check out below for images from the new 2013 remake and some outfit inspiration:

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Fashion: What I'm Wearing

Dads Birthday at Jamies Italian

It was my dads birthday on 18th and that weekend we went to Jamie's Italian in Kingston for some food and drinks, cocktail hour! It was pretty good food and lots of fun. 
Here's a little What I Was Wearing, which I haven't done for a while :) As always high street buys and the high end/designer equivalent:
By the way my cardigan is Primark, tank top is H&M, skirt is River Island, clutch is Dorothy Perkins and shoes are Steve Madden

Fashion: The Vintage Wardrobe

The Vintage Wardrobe; A treasure trove of fashion marvels

People often assume that London is the best place for vintage shopping clearly they have never heard of The Vintage Wardrobe.
An online closet full to the brim with one off wonders and pieces you haven’t seen since the 60s (either on yourself or on your mum) The Vintage Wardrobe will undoubtedly provide you with an unique piece you will keep forever.

Started up by just last year by Sameera Al-Hilley, a self-confessed 1960s enthusiast, Vintage Wardrobe currently boasts a collection with clothes and accessories from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Whether you are a grunge Goddess inspired by Courtney Love and Drew Barrymore or a 70s siren who loves the fashion of Farrah Fawcett and Jane Fonda you must check out Vintage Wardrobe for some old school styling.
Although based in the North West products are available to buy online and Sameera often travels to vintage fairs across the North West, so keep your eyes peeled for the Vintage Wardrobe you may be able to snap up your own retro fashion gem. Sameera also states that every care is taken when choosing which products she picks; “I source pieces for The Vintage Wardrobe all over the country, and I'm very particular about quality and wearability, to ensure that I provide amazing vintage pieces to other vintage lovers.”
What is also great about Vintage Wardrobe is that the website is simple to navigate, you can sort by product type, cost and even era. So if you are perhaps invited to a 80s night out pop over to the Vintage Wardrobe website for the perfect party staple which you could modernize for every day wear or even keep it old school in head to toe vintage.
Price starts at just £15, which is a small price to pay to own a piece of fashion history, if you fancy picking up a floral blouse form the 60s or a skater skirt from the 90s you can check out Vintage Wardrobe here.
You can also check out this article over at The Upcoming!


Friday, 19 April 2013

Life: April Loves 2013

Once again my April Loves is full with style I adore and desire but in reality I would love all of the million other things on the list since November! Wanting but never being able to actually afford; this is my life now....
Once again designed myself a little outfit, who has £115 they wanna throw my way?

Beauty: Revlon Nail Art Pens

I've only recently realized my love for Revlon. My favourite high street foundation, eye-shadow palette and foundation are all from the American cosmetics company and now they created this bang on trend nail pens to, hopefully, prove once again there is a reason they are so popular.

Everybody is loving nail art at the moment and so it was only a matter of time before the beauty brand decided to jump on the band wagon and that time has now come.
They have a selection of three sets; Neon, Expressionist and Moon Candy. The Neon collection (above) offer bright, bold summer shades, the Expressionists (below left) are royal, metallic colours and the Moon Candy pairs come with a glittery counter-part and a muted matte version.
I'm most excited about the Moon Candy polishes, I love some sparkle!
They will be £7.99 which is a great price for any sort of beauty buy and so far they've received great reviews. Can't wait to snap them all up!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Fashion: Charlotte Olympia Cosmic Collection

Man, I love Charlotte Olympia. When I'm actually making a decent amount of money a pair of Charlotte Olympia shoes is precisely what I shall be buying!
I simply love everything about her designs and even though I'm terrified of spiders and everything about them I adore the fact she uses a web as her logo (Charlottes Web get it?)
Her trademark is obviously the classic heeled pump with an island platform, usually with an interesting twist such as clashing colours, an eclectic print or a quirky heel.
Either way I must visit her site at least once a day just to look at the pretty shoes....
Anyway, most recently the fabulous shoe designer has decided to design a pair of flats and a matching box clutches which represent all of the twelve star signs, GENIUS! 

Each pair of the wonderfully cute pumps comes with a a sweet little notebook which provides some info about your star sign and fashion mantras. Whats not to love? As previously mentioned she has put a twist on her classic Pandora clutch with matching encrusted symbols which represent the star sign. Check out below for the full Cosmic Collection!

Which one is your true starsign and which one do you actually like? 
I'm a Leo and though I do like my suited design I love the Aquarius, Pisces,Virgo, Libra and Capricorn ones too. I want them all!

From what I've seen there has been some pairing up with already designed Charlotte Olympia heels but I think thats just some creative ideas being thrown about but big Charlotte Olympia obsessess (who can blame them, right?)
Check out the website for more info on this super cute and stunning pieces!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Fashion: MTV Movie Awards 2013

I know the MTV Movie Awards is all about fun and is often a little wacky but I was still incredibly let down by the fashion side of it :( I had to do some real hunting to find these guys and I only managed 9.

*Selena Gomez in a gold Julien Macdonald mini, even if someone didn't tell you the designer you can tell by the glitter, shape and length. Thought the dress and nude pumps really suited her however I didn't like the hair style I'm afraid.
*Zachary Quinto stood out from the crowd in a bright azure blue suit by DSquared2 and paired it with simple white shoes and a shirt 
*Bella Thorne took a more mature route for this event and wore an ivory coloured Emporio Armani suit and styled her hair in a playful ponytail, I like the mix of a sleek suit with the messy hair.

*I do feel that Emmas dress from this year very much echoes her ensemble from last year,  she is now the queen of a quirky mini and unique black heels and it sure works so why change it? This time she wore a design by Maxine Simoens 
*Holland Roden always looked absolutely stunning and she did not let us down, her aubrun tresses were straight and sleek and she wore a gorgeous black dress by Donna Karen
*Kim Kardashian has definitely upped her gamed recently and this is the third outfit where she showed off the bump with style in a Saint Laurent black dress

*Alexandra Daddario wore a metallic, floral Missoni dress. Although this outfit was a little plain I feel that the colours against her pale skin and bright blue eyes made it work.
*Crystal Reed wore a pretty orange-red lace Naeem Khan dress and nude heels (I love a red dress with nude heels) and pinned her brown locks up to show off her silver earrings. 
*Tom Hiddleston was there for us Brits as he picked up Best Villain and wore a blue suit (my favourite suit colour) paired with a checked tie and plain shirt- I cannot for the life of me find out the creator of this navy suit! Will update soon.

Best dressed goes to Holland Roden. I was stuck between her and Teen Wolf co-star Crystal Reed but I feel everything about Hollands outfit works and I am loving this new mesh, see-through piece which is being seen on the dresses recently. New trend I think.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Fashion: Patrick Grant for Debenhams

British fashion designer Patrick Grant has designed a menswear line for Debenhams which will be launching in September, ready to buy online and in all stores for winter 2013.patrick grant
The Savile Row tailor has a strong fashion CV, being the majority shareholder for Norton & Sons as well as their subsidiary ready-to-wear company E. Tautz & Sons. He is also a judge on the BBC 2 show The Great British Sewing Bee and a blogger for
Now for 2013, Grant has partnered up with Debenhams to create a 70-piece male clothing line which includes both formal and casual wear, and will appeal to both the young and older generation.
Debenhams has paired up with several male fashion designers in the past including Henry Holland, Jasper Conran and Jeff Banks, and now Patrick Grant will be following in their stylish footsteps to generate a fashion line which appeals to all.
The prices will range from £14 to £299, and with this we can expect a high quality collection and as with the majority of Debenhams’ clothes a great price for what you will receive.
Grant’s pieces will fall under the title of Hammond & Co and will therefore see the resurrection of the Hammond & Co tailoring label – a prestigious tailoring company which was at its peak in 1776 and much loved by the men of the Royal Family.
Having made his way onto many best dressed lists as well as being the winner of menswear designer section at the British Fashion Awards 2010, Patrick Grant is most certainly a great addition to the Debenhams team and it’ll be exciting to see what he brings to the table come September.
Check it out on TheUpcoming :)
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Friday, 12 April 2013

Fashion: Yanks vs. Brits

Here comes round 4!
Male popstars are up for the votes this time round.
You may have noticed that a few of my posts recently have been leaning towards male fashion and this is because it is something which interests me and I would like to learn a bit more about but I must add that it is so much trickier to find out who they are wearing!
In all honesty though my heart is with the female world, guys can't don't tend to wear Charlotte Olympia heels or a Marchesa dress so....

For the Yanks we have Justin Timberlake, Frank Ocean, Will.I.Am and Bruno Mars.
All four of them are both incredibly original in their styling but at the same time share similar aspects. 
Will.I.Am is definitely the most adventurous, a fan of Vivienne Westwood the BEP star can has an almost metro-sexual way of dressing and can often be seen rocking studs, metallics and Louboutin pumps. 
Frank Ocean is another who seems to have a favourite designer, that being Christian Dior. The singer is often seen in the french fashion houses clothes but on first glance Ocean has an almost British look but his simple styling and lack of accessories is far too American cool. 
Justin Timberlake is is also rather cool in his appearance. Classically smooth when in a tux, whether its D&G or Tom Ford but laid-back casual Californian in shorts, trainers and a tee.
Then we have Bruno Mars, the Hawaiian original who manages to channel his heritage whilst still rocking American style in printed shirts, cool t-shirts and his trademark fedoras. 

Tinie Tempah, Olly Murs, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan, 
Brit picks were trickier then the Americans, we are a much small country after all! Lets start with Tinie Tempah, this guys just screams sophistication, nobody rocks Burberry with quite the same slickness as this guy. Even if a emerald cardigan or aztec print shirt he oozes charisma.
Louis Tomlinson is our first One Direction member and even though I'v never been a fan of braces, boys in buttoned up shirts and tight jeans Louis is easily one of the best dressed men I have ever seen. Seriously. He loves Alexander McQueen as much as Topman and wears both with ease and class.
The second member is Niall Horan, the polar opposite to his band-member; loose tees, Supra trainers and sweats take up a great deal of his wardrobe. You almost swap him with Frank Ocean as I feel what the Irishmen wears is sometimes slightly American. Even in a suit he partners it with Vans and a white t-shirt rather then a shirt and brogues like his band-mate.
Finally, we have Olly Murs the Essex boy, you can always rely on Olly to rock a waistcoat and trilby with true cheeky chappy status. I love his constant polo-shirt wearing and like Louis you can often see him in chinos and braces. 

The winner of this round goes to the Brits. It was a tricky as both are super stylish but I always love what our Brit boys are wearing from Louis' Topman shirts to Tinies Burberry trench coat. Nearly at a draw people!
Check out below for some style stealing:

All Saints, Band of Outsiders, River Island

ASOS, Topman, Next

Yanks 3-2 Brits

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Beauty: Kardashian Sun Kissed

Oh my the Kardashians are releasing a tanning line, yay!
I was going to write a post on it but The Upcoming, a company I have been doing some journalism for, sum up pretty well themselves, check it out here: Kardashian Sunkissed

I think that, if this ever comes out in the UK, I will give them all a go as long as its a reasonable price of course! Hopefully the sisters are sticking but their guns and offering high street prices like they have with their perfume line, Kardashian Kollection clothing and Khroma Beauty sets. From what I can see they will be about £12-£20 which is perfect!

What do you think?

Friday, 5 April 2013

Life: March Round-Up

Completely forgot about this I didn't even have any notes on it so I had to hunt back through my diaries to remember what I'd been doing! I don't know how as March has been busy for me!
It was my mums birthday 1st March, my oldest sister Sarah drove me up along with her two daughters and my nieces (Lily and Tallulah) it was actually a funny journey, Sarah's erratic driving and four year old Tallulah saying "Wheres the pub?" every ten minutes was pretty amusing. 
I bought my mum a card and added one of my favourite quotes in it from my favourite book This Lullaby "Well, it's true that I have been hurt in my life. Quite a bit. But it's also true that I have loved, and been loved. And that carries a weight of its own. A great weight, in my opinion. In the end, I'll look back on my life and see that the greatest piece of it was love. The problems, the divorces, the sadness...those will be there too, but just smaller slivers, tiny pieces."
I love putting quotes in cards and, in my eyes, this sums up my mum to a tee :)
It was a really fun weekend I got to spend time with my little sister Imogen who I don't see enough and her and my older niece Lily messed about making videos and acting like One Direction (they are BIG fans!)
We also had some super delicious food, I'm proud to say everybody in my family is a pretty decent cook and Sarah made these mega yum blueberry muffins which I demolished.
My BFF Michaela came to visit too which was awesome to see her, we went to TGI Fridays and ate waaaaaaaaaaaay to much, we then went to Toby Carvery and ate waaaaaaaaaaaaay to much again! Ha. We watched The Vow too which is very emotional-don't recommend it! Her car battery died on the first day as she left her lights on-muppet, so we had to call the AA! Was amusing.
I have been working at Stream still, three days a week, which brings in some money I do need another part time job though to really pay the bills! I have started a freelance internship with The Upcoming-check it out. It involved fashion and writing and sometimes I attend fashion shows/launches, other times I have to come up with new fashion ideas or create a piece on info they have given me. It's really great and I am loving it! I have to do two articles a week which can be tricky to fit in, but imagine if I worked full time?! 
I think I might start putting some hours in at my local library too, which will be fun, I am a big literature geek, love a good book.
Although I have given reading a little bit of a rest at the moment as I have become totally addicted to Teen Wolf! I literally love it! I watched two series in less then a month, have to wait till June for series three, dammit. TBF I think I watched it so fast as there are only 12 episodes per season and I watched six episodes in total on the journey from and to Lyles house in Devon.
It was great to see Mitch, we watched Jack the Giant Slayer at the cinema which was a fun family fantasy adventure, I would say 7/10, we also watched Red Dawn which is an 80s remake with Josh Hutcherson and Chris Hemsworth-also pretty good!
We went to Exmoor zoo as well but it was bloody freezing!! We were only there for an hour or two due to the horrifically cold weather, plus I'm not sure how I really feel about zoos-kind of mean on the animals.
The weekend after that was Easter weekend-I gave up chocolate and sweets by the way, what did you give up?-by the time it was Easter I was loving creme eggs, brownies and minstrels! That Saturday was Olly Murs day! Woohoo! Went to see him at London O2 with Imogen and Amber and he was really good! His voice sounded amazing, The Loveable Rogues were the support act and they were ace as well, would certainly recommend you go see him if you ever have the chance. 
I saw Hannah on the Sunday for lunch, we went to Giraffe which was scrumptious, I had a burrito and salad, I'm on a bit of a mission to get fitter as I went to the doctors last week and I am technically not a healthy weight......great. I was looking at photos from university too, I am two stone heavier since 2010! How depressing :(
But with April in sight I'm going to keep up my writing, keep up my exercising and stretching I have started and make sure I keep in contact with those who are important :)
Till next time!