Friday, 1 March 2013

Life: February Round up

I honestly can't believe its pretty much already March!
Even though February has been a short month I was pretty busy and I think that I'll be busy in March too, it's just a shame that money is a tad on the tight side.
Well I can tell you February started out not so well as me and my sister ordered Asda shopping which never turned up! So don't order food shopping from Asda in future as they are rubbish!
I've been working three times a week, from nine till five, for an up and coming film/tv company, it's a long day as I leave the house at about 6:40 and get home at about 7:40 but I'm glad to be working again and for a film company is cool too. There is about five of us and I'm the only girl; they are all super-smart guys and I joke that we're like The Big Bang Theory, I don't think I'm stupid but because they are all insanely clever I look a tad on the dippy side.
Because of the long journey (I spend a fair amount on the train) I'm going to start reading again, as somehow I don't have the time when I'm not working (I'm aware that makes little to no sense)
Anyway, I read a book which Mitch's mum gave me called The Hiding Place, it's a Christian novel set in Holland (which is where my surname originates from FYI) during World War Two. It was possibly one of the most inspiring novels I have ever had the pleasure to read, I believe in God anyway and have wanted to make my belief a little stronger and I reckon this novel was the perfect way to set me on my way!
I'm trying to read The Hobbit again but it's such a big book carrying it around everywhere is a bit of a hindrance, might save that for reading at home.
Of course it was awards season and we had the BRITS and the OSCARS both of which I watched, I haven't seen all of the films which were nominated so I'm unable to offer a valid opinion but the style stakes were pretty high! The BRITS were OK too although it irritates me when bands hate on each other, whats the point? There's enough room in the music industry for all of you!
In relation to music I'm really loving a band called Kodaline at the moment, they are an Irish group and not too very famous but have played a few gigs in London, I really want to go watch them play but no one else liked them :(
I went to see Lyle in February too and I met his new dog Diesel! He is huge! As soon as I walked through the door he jumped at me and nearly knocked me over, very cute and playful though.
Whilst I was there we watched Wreck-It Ralph which I would most certainly recommend for anyone who fancies watching an ace animation.
It was my dad girlfriends birthday and we threw a surprise party which me and one of my sisters Amber came down to visit for. It was pretty good as my dad and his mates just bought us lots of drinks! I felt rough the next day though....serves me right really; mixing beer and vodka.
I went up to York for Hannahs birthday a week or two later but I was ill :( the journey was a little treacherous and I felt so shit but I was determined to have a good time! When I arrived Hannah made me a cup of tea and I got my drink on, I actually didn't feel to bad the morning after either. Seeing as I haven't had much money I made her Sex and the City themed cupcakes which took all day to create! Think she liked them though which is the important thing :)
Now that February is over and we are making our way into March I have a few things planned. This weekend I'm off to my mums for her birthday, I will be seeing Michaela 8th March as she is coming to visit, I think I shall see Mitch at some point and I'm trying to rope Bryz into going out on St Patricks Day (we are half Irish after all) It's also Easter which is always a fun family event and I have a writing comp to end, I'm also off to see Olly Murs we two of my sisters; Amber and Imogen which is exciting!!
Anyway Happy March to you all!! :)
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