Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Life: Blog Re-Vamp

OK so there are a few things I think I might change/adapt.

At the moment there are a few posts which I do regularly; Celebrities Love, Monthly Loves, Monthly Round Up, Monthly Best Dressed, Fashion Icon, Yanks vs. Brits, Lyrics and Quotes, What I'm Wearing (although I have been slacking with this recently) and I think that's it....it seems a lot when you write it down but I don't feel as though I have enough...!
I contemplating doing a monthly/weekly post about celebrity style inspiration, one male and one female.

For example how to dress like Mila Kunis and Andrew Garfield and offer high street and high end options (as always) I don't think they will be linked stars hence the reason I didn't pick Ashton Kutcher and Mila or something. What do you think?

Also I think i may rename my blog.......

More updates soon

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