Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Fashion: Frockdrop Fashion Launch

I was lucky enough to attend a fashion launch this week in Shoreditch for The Upcoming, check out my view on the launch and also relevant links.

Vintage Glam Meets Modern Chic: For One Week Only at Frockdrop, Shoreditch

Pop-up retail is steadily becoming the hottest high street trend, opening a store for just one day or one week is a superb way to launch a fashion line.
The latest company to do this is Frockdrop, open for one week only from 11th-17th March, the small but sweet shop is based at 68 Sclater Street, Shoreditch and is a must-see for anybody who loves fashion.
Run by Sharon Ozbeck, the Frockdrop stored opened yesterday and showcased a stunning array of vintage, timeless articles and brand new designer pieces.
From a lime green Balenciaga City tote for £80 to a pair of Alexander McQueen peep toes for less than £200, the collection is exquisite and the prices unbelievable.
The setting is perfect too; a snug but charming venue coated with a layer of white paint, the store echoes the style of a gallery with the designer hand bags showcased as if they are paintings themselves.
Sharon advised that she was unsure as to how to display the arm candy but her colleague suggested hanging them from the walls for all to see, because, let’s be honest  fashion truly is one of the most awe-inspiring works of art.
Christian Louboutin sandals and Chanel handbags are not the only things available. Frockdrop more than lives up to that ingenious name and somehow managed to pick up all of the most iconic designs from the worlds most loved designers.
The Diane von Fürstenberg wrap, iconic Missoni zig zag print dress and Hervé Léger knitted boydcon are all on sale and although not priced you can be guaranteed a fantastic deal.
Sharon advised she was inspired by ebay having spent much of her time on the online marketplace and it’s almost as though Frockdrop is a real life, designer version of the site.
The clothes are not yet priced which means a discussion of cost is involved and some people requested to have desired items put aside for future purchases; a smart way to draw them back to the store where they are likely to snap up another perfectly priced piece.
What stands out most about Frockdrop is the variation in style and era. Past season J Brand and Chloé jeans are just £20 after Sharon confessed to having “hundreds of pairs” but you also have the latest line of Cashmere by Tania available; all in mint condition.
To miss out on Frockdrop would be a rookie mistake; it’s heaven for every fashionista out there, whether you are into Parisian chic or London grunge you are certain to find a jacket or skirt you adore. Although the store was jam-packed with a mix of old and new a common denominator remained; there wasn’t a double of anything, so when it’s gone it truly is gone.

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