Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Beauty: MAC Baking Beauties

For anybody who knows me or has even had a quick look at this blog will know how much I love anything pastel, cupcake or sweet inspired. That includes make-up.
L'Oreal previously released a candy themed collection and now MAC has jumped on the bandwagon and I am am psyched!

With a rather large selection to choose from including face powders, lipsticks, brushes, nail polishes, lip-glosses and many other treasures which I, just know, will fly off the shelves as soon as they become available this April

I think it would have been interesting to maybe have cupcakes or candy patterns on the powders but this cute floral prints work too! Pale pink with blue hues and a pale coral base with a deeper coral and green detailing
The tinted lip balms come in array of shades; Baking Beauty (pale peach), Cherry Cheery (candy pink), Sweet Tooth (soft lilac) and Glace (tinted icy blue)
I would go for the pale pink I think, although the pale orange would look lovely with a tan and copper/gold make up.
The nail lacquers also caught my eye in a cute threesome of Confectionery (lilac) Pistachio Cream (mint) and Blue Velvet (periwinkle blue.)
Prices range from £8 to about £20 which is pretty good and the generic MAC pricing, I've only really tried a lipstick and eye shadow from the MAC (both of which are ace) but everybody simply craves a MAC product when they become available so must be something decent about them!

Check out above for the other awesome items MAC will be offering!

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