Saturday, 16 February 2013

Fashion: Yanks vs. Brits

I did think it was maybe a bit soon for another one of these but this took me some time to collate....
There are singers out there which are also on TV shows as judges so I couldn't use them (Demi, Britney, Cheryl, Jessie J) so I've picked four from UK and US which I think represent the countries well.
They all have relatively diverse styles-clear intention-this way we have some classic fashion mixed up with kooky craziness.

The British singers in this round are Rita Ora, Pixie Lott, Adele and Florence Welch.
These four British ladies all have very different taste but at the same I think you can tell that they are British.
Adele is famous for often wearing black (although she did recently were a red/pink floral number) and partners with voluminousness hair, strong lips and large lashes.
Pixie Lott is the queen of short shorts and floral headbands, she often wears clashing brights but if she picks a patterned key piece she will compliment it with plain accessories. Rita Ora on the other hand is often a mash up of bold colours and prints and currently rocks a rather 90s style with bomber jackets, hi top trainers and gold chains. 
I find Florence the most British with her styling, rather boho and conservative but she certainly adds an eclectic edge. Some of her clothes even have a Victorian air to them with the deep reds, rich greens, browns and dark blues in terms of colour and old school floral prints, lace blouses and high-neck collars.
All four females, however, are rather feminine, even Rita in her quirky masculine pieces she adds her gloss make up and styled hair to bring back the girlish nature.

For the USA I have picked Beyonce, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Gwen Stefani.
I find the Americans add a little more glamour to their styling, as I continue to do this post it is certainly a running theme. Brits are rather laid back cool or lady-like chic whereas the yanks are often girly glam or stylish casual.
Gwen Stefani is certainly the most eccentric from these four and also the most boyish, she often wears strong colours at once and also combines different textures but pulls them together with a focal point. Skinny jeans, crop tops and cool jackets are all part of Gwens look. Second to her is Katy Perry who is famous for wearing candy coloured brights and sometimes cartoon-like stage outfits. For events she keeps the vivid colour and adds sparkle and glitter. Beyonce isn't dissimilar to Katy and is certainly the most glamorous, she looks constantly immaculate styled even in casual wear. Beyonce and Katy are both about showing off those enviable bodies and high heels and mini dresses are their go to outfits.
Taylor Swift is the most classically feminine, often wearing white or pastels shades, she adds a dash of sexiness with strong red lips. Her casual clothes are a muted version of Gwens, a cool jumper with flats and skinny jeans.

Urgh, I don't want to be predictable and keep picking the same but sorry, the winner is...The Yanks!
Again? Yep!
I love 6 out of the 8 girls styles (three from each) so I was particularly biased I don't think....anyway I just think that the American girls manage to rock kookiness and quirky cool just as glamorously as they wear a simple dress with heels.
As always check out below for some stores which might offer some similar styles:

Motel, ASOS, Forever21

Miss Selfridge, Rokit, Topshop

Yanks 3-1 Brits

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