Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Music: DNA by Little Mix Review

Little Mix

For anyone who watched The X Factor you will recall Little Mix's best performance being a cover of Don't Let Go by Envogue with this in mind I gave their album DNA a listen.
As you can see I gave it 3 stars out of 5 which makes it 'good' and although I would regard many of the songs as brilliant there are a few which, just well, aren't.
In all honesty I would ignore How You Doin? As I'm not even sure that should have been passed through to the studio and We Are Who We Are is far too sappy for a urban based pop album. 
But the negativity ends there as the rest of the album is relatively strong. Change Your Life is a feel good track which aims to boost confidence and somehow the rap-like verses, piano backing and catchy chorus mesh well. Going Nowhere and Pretends Its OK are my favourite, the latter a upbeat ballad (if that exists) with heart-felt lyrics and a play it again theme and Going Nowhere is my favourite with a mix of Spanish backing, rap and the best harmonies on the album; somehow it just works. 
That's the theme the album follows it's a mash up of many things; sometimes it works brilliantly either times it falls flat.
As mentioned before the harmonies the girls produce are simply stunning and its fair to say that Stereo Soldier and Turn Your Face are reminiscent of early Destinys Child and if Little Mix are Destinys Child, Perrie is Beyonce, the girls vocals are through the roof. But she's not the only one, Jade, Jesy and Leigh tones are unique and their voices range from raspy and cool to powerhouse brilliance.

Bringing a much needed urban edge to the girl group market, Little Mix' first album is a mix (pun intended) of funky dance beats, RnB cool and cutesy ballads.

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