Monday, 28 January 2013

Life: January 2013 Round Up

Thanks January for being not the greatest! It was truly appreciated.
I'm actually becoming a little irritated with myself as I am being very negative about everything, I trait which must annoy other people but oh well it is what it is!
Anyway, I've been doing some blogging and writing fashion retail wise (unpaid but I don't mind as its all experience) for my brothers friend and recently I had to do a piece on maternity wear! For anyone who knows who I am will understand how very out of my comfort zone this is! But it was fun to do something completely different and challenge myself.
In regards to the world of fashion the awards season kicked off and February will continue with the Brits and many others which I love picking my favourites from; although it takes some time!
I am sure you have all been aware of the INSANE snow which has taken over England! I was supposed to be going for an interview in London 16th January but I was completely snowed in and the trains weren't running, my sister traveled to work and had to turn right around and come back! It's been pretty crazy but typical of UK weather; unpredictable as always.
I also had an interview in Woking for Surrey Chambers which I did manage to make although I got lost-of course I am an idiot.....It's for a pretty challenging role and if I get called back I have to do a presentation. In all honesty I don't think I'm qualified for it but we shall see. 
I had a three day trial too for a small film and TV company run by two brothers which is based in Brick Lane, it's a marketing and admin based role which was interesting and good to get out. I'm not sure where it goes from here though as it was just a trial and I think a few more people, you can check out the site though. It took me nearly three hours to get there and back which isn't ideal :( didn't get home till half seven!
My boyfriends sister, Tessa, had a baby boy too! It came by so quickly I swear she was pregnant just the other day, she has a little girl called Imogen (all my little sisters name) and now she has a boy too, called Patrick. I'm not much of a baby/children person but everyone is very excited about it!
Talking of Imogens I spoke to my little sister a bit more this month which is awesome, I love hour long phone calls, we mainly discussed boys; Olly Murs, One Direction, boys from school, boy issues, boys just in general! She was snowed in for a few days so she couldn't go to work, she is excited about the Olly Murs concert in March though (she loves him.)
While I was snowed in I made some yum cookies and chocolate cake, if I do say so myself, I did have to sign onto the job centre though which was a great deal of effort in the treacherous weather!
On the last Friday of the month after my film trial I headed over to Clapham Junction to see Hannah who was in London for  a gig, we went to Pizza Express (again!) and ate far too much food and drank far too much wine, was fun to catch up though! I'll be seeing her in Feb for her birthday which will be fun.
That same weekend my cousin Charlotte came to visit with her parents (Auntie Lesley and Uncle Martin) as it was Bryz's birthday (she was 28!!!!) and we went out for a meal at The Dining Room in Hersham. I bought her French Connection perfume and  a really cool personalized card from -its really good, you should check it out. I ate hotpot and crumble and they made her an awesome cake! That same weekend Lyle went to visit his potential new dog called Diesel :D He is so excited!
Although I have pretty much ZILCH money I found a pair of sunglasses on ASOS for £2!! How insanely cheap, right? Supposed to be £15! Bargain basement for me, I also bought a foundation brush with money on my boots card. 
February will be Hannahs birthday so a trip to York and hopefully I'll be seeing Mitch at some point too-and his new dog Diesel! Its Valentines Day too but I don't tend to celebrate that :/
I hope for the LOVE of God I have a job by February!!!!

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