Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Life: December Round Up

So we end 2012 and are welcome into 2013. I nearly didn't write this post as I didn't want to bring negativity into a new year but I feel like it's needed for some closure of the 2012.
I would say 2012 was my worst year, I expected it to be the best but nothing quite took off for me and as I reached the end of my second month jobless in London I was really started to feel the strain. December was the worst month unfortunately and I'm hoping I brush this all under the rug and start a fresh for 2012.
So here is my December round up...
I had several interviews throughout the month; one as a fashion display assistant at Bentalls, an admin assistant role at Laura Ashley, HR assistant at CBRE, marketing assistant for Stream and a meeting with a few recruitment agenices I have now signed up to. I have in total applied for 37 jobs over the month of December and had little to no luck.
In regards to unpaid journalism work my brother-who I really need to thank-send me some details and I may have some freelance work coming my way. I have also applied to work for the guardian, MTV and many others-well I have nothing to lose!
I have spent the little money I have travelling around London so I know the tube pretty well now but am poorer then I would like to be-especially for the month of Christmas :(
Really that's why I've been so down-the lack of life.
Anyway as I have so much free time I have been writing more blog posts then usual and have been becoming steadily obsessed with some celebrities. I can tell you that if you are ever bored check out Jimmy Kimmel or interviews with Ryan Gosling, Ed Sheeran or One Direction! They are funny, trust me.
The first weekend in December I had to look after my mums dog and she was so  naughty!! That same weekend me, Bryz, my dad and his girlfriend went and met up with my sister Amber in Swindon as we hadn't seen her since she moved to Bristol. It was lots of fun and great for us to be back together again. The three of us are so different and I think we would be great as business partners! Amber would deal with the numbers, money and accounts, Bryz would be all about meeting new people, pitching ideas and showing off and I would deal with marketing and social media and we would all have creative input! Perfect combo. We shall see.
The week after Mitch came down and we went to the Panto and to Pizza Express with my dad, Bryz and her boyfriend Nelson. It was lots of fun and great way to get into the Christmas spirit. We went to see Aladdin at Richmond Theatre and Tim Vine was in it-he was very funny!
Me and my dad went searching for a Christmas tree around 19th December and we went to about six different places looking for the cheapest, best one! We managed to find one for about £30 which my sister loved so that was good.
Whilst on this was going on I attended all these interviews and honestly there isn't much to say about them, I was just told I lacked confidence and came across as shy....Great!
Anyway, I went to watch The Hobbit at the cinema-twice-yes it's just that great, I think I might review it at some point, if I have time. I also watched The Sitter, Savages and This is 40; check out yearly movie review for quick opinion update.
As we neared Christmas Hannah returned to London and we went out in Clapham High Street, which was awesome, so great to see her again. I arrived at her around half six/seven but we didn't get out until eleven! It takes us far too long to get ready.
Talking of Hannah she showed me this really cute and interesting article about how maybe soul mates aren't sexual lovers but just your best friends? It was really great to read :)
I also went to Pizza Express in Richmond on Christmas Eve with some my mums side of the family which was also yum, they're going to think we're regulars!
In other news Gossip Girl came to an end, we said goodbye to the most stylish TV show ever to grace our screens! Must offer them a little mention as I stood by the show throughout all the years. I wonder if The Carrie Diaries will be able to fill this fashion void?
Christmas Day was full of Christmas PJs, food, bucks fizz, games and family. So the usual!
After Christmas me and Mitch went to Winter Wonderland and seeing as its free I thought it was pretty good! Although we did get absolutely soaked, it wasn't too cold though so we powered through it all.
We stayed in on New Years Eve, had some drinks, Chinese takeaway and played XBox as Lyle was ill but it was good nonetheless.
As we role into 2013 I don't know whats happening and I don't have anything planned so lets just see shall we!

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