Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Fashion: Yanks vs. Brits

OK, we're now in 2013 I have my second round of Yanks. vs Brits and I am going ahead with Talent Show Judges. This will include people from X-Factor, The Voice and Top Model series. I have chosen Lisa Snowden and Cheryl Cole over Elle MacPherson for Top Model and Nicole Scherzinger for X-Factor as neither of them are British so it defeats the object of the game! Plus Lisa was a judge from 2006-2009 and Cheryl was a judge from 2008-2011, which is good enough for me.

Standing ground for the Brits is Tulisa Constovalos, Cheryl Cole, Jessie J and Lisa Snowdon.
The ladies from Britain are classically stylish with Lisa Snowdon and Cheryl Cole especially always looking rather chic but Jessie J adds a 90s grunge edge and Tulisa brings some sparkle and shimmer.
As oppose to being 'hippie' or 'rock' the Brit chicks are rather eclectic and quintessentially British in their styling, they offer classic shapes but will wear brighter shades in quirky patterns on top. A black pair of leggings will be paired with a luminous green Hawaiian top or a plain dress will have bright lipstick and retro hair.

For the Yanks we have Demi Lovato, Britney Spears, Christina Aguliera and Tyra Banks.
Whereas the Brits are often quirky with clashing prints, those judges from America seemed to add a rock edge with black lace, studs and mesh. They wear block colours in various shades from black and grey to coral and orange and add prints or texture in accessories  shoes, bags, hair pieces. A black mini dress will be paired with studded heels and a purple headband to add that edge.
The styling is much more simple I found with less chaos and its rare that more then one pattern is happening, a strong print is paired with plain colours not another floral or striped theme

Sorry guys but this was actually an easy win for goes to The Yanks!!
In some ways this may be seen as unfair as I am such a massive Demi Lovato fan and name her as one of my style icons but that's just how it goes! I believe that not only the fashion but the styling over all including hair and make up were simply better advertised on the US shows.

Obviously I live in the UK but I have suggested places you can grab similar style to the stars for us Brit shoppers. Demi is a famous Topshop fan and Jessie J is often photographed in American Apparel, check it out below:

Topshop, Miss Selfridge, All Saints, River Island

American Apparel, Topshop, Bank, Marks and Spencer

Yanks 2-1 Brits

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