Friday, 18 January 2013

Beauty: Wizard of Oz meets Urban Decay & O.P.I

I had a sneaking suspicion that a make-up line would be available as this seems right up Urban Decays street what with them producing an Alice in Wonderland themed set a few years back.
O.P.I have their own nail polish collection too for the movie, my favourite nail and beauty companies teaming up with a fantasy film; my heaven!

From what I gather the palettes are inspired by Michelle Williams' good witch Glinda and the wicked witch Theodora (although I swear Rachel Weisz also plays a wicked witch...)
Anyway, one set is pastel, shimmer shades in sweet sherbet colours and the other is a strong palette with shadows to make the perfect smokey eye.

The sets also includes a card which advises you how to create the perfect look.
Glindas strongest colour is the purple which looks similar to 'Flash' from other palettes and also 'Polyester Bride.' I like that all of the eye shadows have a sparkle to them all. 
The darker set has a rich brown and also the same cream shade, I'm intrigued by the yellow/black one and it looks as though the black has some added glitter much like 'Oil slick' from other Urban Decay palettes.
I haven't found out what the price will be fr the Urban Decay palettes but they are usual about £25-£35.

The O.P.I collection has six standard nail polishes and then the 'Liquid Sand' pot named 'What Wizardy Is This?'

As with all O.P.I varnishes the selected colours are super cool and have ace names. From left to right check out the names and a short description below.
  • Lights of Emerald City> White confetti like sparkle
  • Don’t Burst My Bubble> A seemingly matte white
  • When Monkeys Fly>Gold confetti glitter with dashes of bright colours
  • Glints of Glinda> A beige with a slight creamy pink tint
  • Which is Witch?>Finer silver iridescent shimmer
  • I Theodora You>Sugar sweet baby pink

I love all of them, I have a slight obsession with nude/pale shades and glitter so my perfect set! They do all seem to echo the Good Witch so I feel as though there should be a deep red or metallic brown colour for the Wicked Witch. Nonetheless a lovely collection.
They will be about £7, which is generally the price for O.P.I nail lacquers and they are also worth the value.

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