Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Beauty: Revlon Colorstay Foundation Review

Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Ivory 
Now I'm not one of those people who goes on about being fat or ugly- I quite simply don't see the point- but there are a fair few things I don't like about myself and my skin is most certainly one of them. 
I suffer from black heads on my chin, nose and cheeks but at the same time these areas become flaky with no moisturizer or oily with too much! The tone is uneven and the colour  is a mix of red, lilac and grey.....But enough complaining! I shall be unveiling my skin minus concealer and foundation so I can offer a truly honest review of this foundation 

The foundation I use when I'm tanned is by Revlon too and I love it, the only thing that truly puts me off the brand is that the make up is in a glass bottle! I honestly hesitate a great deal before investing because I feel like I'm missing out and not getting my whole moneys worth. But that is quite a small price to pay for such a good quality product.
Firstly lets start with the coverage and how much you need. I found the cover great and especially for how little I used, its quite a liquid like texture but I really like that as I find it glides on easier and doesn't collect in certain areas leaving a smooth finish. You don't need anywhere near as much as you'd think and I discovered I had some excess on my hands as I was far too keen with the pouring out- note it comes out of the bottle fast!
Secondly, the colour is fab I think, it's a pale creamy tone which I think matches my skin tone rather well. In the after shot I'm only wearing foundation, mascara and eyebrow make up so once I dab on some high-lighter and blusher it would look much more natural.
Staying power is also pretty decent, I put it on in the morning then went for a jog and its stayed relatively well.
This is an early on review so if by the time the bottle is empty I feel differently I'll let you know!
But these Revlon foundations most certainly make me want to try their other products and I would recommend this cover ups to everyone.
You can check out before and after below, this is purely to see how well the foundation covers.

  • Great coverage and evens out skin tone
  • Near perfect colour match
  • Smooth finish
  • Long lasting

  • Rather potent smell
  • Glass bottle 
  • Comes out very quickly

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