Friday, 28 December 2012

Beauty: Clear Out

My sister bought me Bobbi Brown Make Up Manual (love it!)l for Christmas and as I have been reading through it I have decided that its time to throw out some make up. I have eight grubby mascaras, old, cakey foundations and far too many lipsticks which I either don't use or are just old.
It was a hard task and I think that I still haven't been brutal enough- I'll have another over haul in a month or so. Seeing as I am a little low on money at the moment there are certain items I know are past their sell by date but I love and cant afford to replace...Oh woe is me...

In 2013 I will be trying a bit harder to look after my skin too, although I clean daily and always remove make up before bed I am still full of large pores! My family often buy me Boots vouchers for my birthday which I love because I can spend it on Benefit, Urban Decay and Stila items :)

By the way I might offer a review of the book once I have given it a thorough read, by so far so good.

I hope you guys take care of your skin and your make up!

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