Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Life: November 2012 Round Up

I completely forgot about this months round up! Woops. So here we are about a week late.....
Let me start by saying I think I love London. Although I'm not working (still-argh) when I have some money I can tell that it'll be my new playground.
I think I've come to grips with the underground a great dealer quicker then I thought and the shopping is fabulous-its just a shame that everything is expenseive and I have no money.
The month started OK with a job interview at JustFab as as the role of style consultant; a mixture of styling and admin, really it was too good to be true! I managed to make it across to Oxford Circus-with the help of my sister but the interview fell flat and I didn't get the role. 
I had a pick me up though as I headed back to Shropshire for the weekend as it was my friend Tammys hen night. Was so much fun!!! Possibly the best night of the year, we had some delicious tapas then went out drinking at Play, there were about 16 of us and it was just such a good night, I loved it.
But for some reason that seemed to be the end of a good week. As my computer broke and I had no way really of looking for work!! I bought newspapers and tried using Bryonys little computer but I do not have the patience for that at all. This lasted for about two weeks and so I signed up with some recruitment agencies and sent my CV to possibly ever fashion store in Richmond and Staines area! Unfortunately I had little to no success with that but managed to score myself an interview at Harrods in Knightsbridge for the role of Data Entry Shopping Assistant. I was insanely excited as Harrods is literally a worldwide famous store! I had two interviews and a job trial but apparently it wasn't to be and they didn't offer me the position. I was truly gutted as I'd trekked back and forth from Knightsbridge a few times and thought that the trail went OK. 
So I had to pull myself back into applying for work left, right and centre. Thankfully my Uncle Martin managed to supply with an awesome new laptop for just £250, he came to visit from Teeside just at the same time Mitch was down in London, we went out for a meal at Prezzo with Uncle Martin, my dad and his girlfriend Veronica. Me and Mitch also went to go and see Breaking Dawn: Part Two (will add a quick review as per) it was OK, much like the other Twilight films but with a little twist and will keep us fans happy. We also watched The Amazing Spiderman which was good too. It was nice to have Lyle here, I showed where I used to go to school and all that jazz :) We also took a trip over to Richmond and it look stunning at night.
Bryz started her job early on in the month and although she has long days and doesn't love it I'm sure she is happy for the money!
Seeing as Hannah's originally from London and her mum is down here still she comes to visit often so I have see her twice already, which I am very happy about. 
As I voluntarily left my job in the midlands I didn't think I would be entitled to JSA (Job Seekers Allowance  but it turns out I am which is a bonus, least I have some money which I can pass on to my dad!
However not enough to spend at Kardashian Kollection in Dorothy Perkins dammit!! I'll be doing a post soon on all the jazzy pieces from the line that I fancy purchasing.
With all this free time I have managed to catch up on lots of TV shows, when I didn't have a laptop I missed around 30 episodes!! Insane. 
December will of course bring Christmas and I better have a job by the New Year or I shall be both bored and very poor :(
I have had some December interviews and possibly temp work, hopefully December will be full of merriment :D

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