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Fashion: Yanks vs. Brits

I've decided upon a new post I will create every month, along with the current monthly round up, best dressed and monthly loves. I've titled it Yanks vs. Brits.
I did think about waiting until we hit 2013 to start this but I'll just have to think up something else for the new year!!
So I am starting off with reality TV stars. I originally had this subject as TV shows in general but decided to split into subcategories which means a future post will likely be 'Fictional TV Shows.'
We shall have an equal number of TV shows from the U.S and GB and a little fashion off, as I'm English but a lover of everything American I see myself as an impartial judge.
(I'm not talking about the show itself but the styling i.e clothing and beauty)

In the Brits corner we have Geordie Shore, Made in Chelsea and The Only Way is Essex.
Geordie Shore is clearly inspired by Jersey Shore and the styling is the most similar but our Newcastle natives are not so brazenly......crazy.
Holly, Charlotte, Sophie and Vicky all have a great love for being made up; fake tan, fake lashes, fake hair-everything fake. Although they are all styled to perfection there is something relatable about the styling; dark bodycon, bright skater dresses and platform peep-toes can be rocked by anyone.
The Only Way is Essex differs slightly as the majority of the girls have had some sort of surgery; liposuction, botox, breast implants etc taking the level of superficiality up a notch.
But this only boosts the glamour factor; diamante detail, heavy gloss and coiffed hair are not just for parties and the girls are consistently dressed up to the nines.
Made in Chelsea is out final nominee offering a much calmer take on Brit fashion; skinny trousers, collared shirts and cute jackets are what the Londoners wear with style. The make up is lighter and 'bed hair' is the only way forward, with the chic chicks adding a lick of eye liner, red lips and platforms for nights out.

Fighting for the Yanks we have Jersey Shore, The Hills and The City.
Jersey Shore had to be thrown in here but to be honest I can barely relate to their fashion choices. They attempt some fashion trends but with such vulgarity that it often falls flat, like the UK comparison they clearly enjoy fakery but the lips are darker, the hair higher and the tan deeper. The clothes are a mash of leopard print, lurid shades and zebra print and the overloads of gold is insane.
The Hills keep everything very American with summery brights, denim separates and flats or pretty wedges. Designer staples mixed with high street offer California cool and the make up can be either a little mascara and balm or full on glitter, lashes and lipstick.
The City is the not so successful spin off and has a similar feel to Made in Chelsea.Classic shapes and chic materials are prominent; nudes, blacks with a dash of yellow or red. The girls are made up but like the UK comparison it looks effortless, looks being the operative word as its evident that a great deal of precision is taken to obtain this style.

I thought this would be an easy win but I'm a little ashamed to say although Jersey Shore are at the bottom for me, the girls of The City and The Hills are so chic they equal it out.
So for my for first edition of Yanks vs. Brits we come to a tie, with them both having 21/30.
If you fancy channeling your inner reality star you can check out below for the UK stores which offer pieces inspired by, seen on or in the style of your favourite TV girls. We have a draw.

Geordie Shore (6/10)> Boohoo, Missguided, New Look
The Only Way Is Essex(6/10)> Lipsy, Gorgeous Couture, Forever Unique
Made in Chelsea(7/10)> Zara, French Connection, Topshop

Yanks Jersey Shore (1/10)> New Look, Primark, Select
The Hills(9/10)> H&M, Urban Outfitters, Miss Selfridge
The City(9/10)> Zara, Reiss, Mango

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