Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Fashion: New Years Eve

Here we have some New Years Eve ideas!!!
For Christmas Eve it was all about the black baggy trouser, Christmas Day was the essential jumper and now for New Years Eve I've decided to go for a sparkly shoe :D
Although on previous posts I've offered ideas with trousers, skirts, shorts etc this time for New Years Eve every outfit is designed around the glittery shoe and a party dress. Although the shoe is sequinned coated I chose it in black so patterns and added shimmer can be partnered with it.

As your can see I was feeling extra creative with the names! 50s doll, Oriental Princess, Gothic Glamour and Sequin Starlet are my chosen themes, I actually really love all of these and think I would wear them all :)

Hope you enjoy and have been having a merry Christmas!

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