Sunday, 16 December 2012

Beauty: St Tropez Overload

This is more of a comical article then anything else.
I was going through old photos on Facebook and came across one from Christmas 2010 and could not believe the difference in my skin colour!! 
I am partial to some fake tan; St Tropez, L'oreal, Dove, Fake Bake etc but didn't realize how naturally pale I am as its been so long! Every so often I do take a break-like right now- and resort to my pale colour but over the past two years I don't think I've ever been this white.

But check out the below for some comic relief!

My sister said that I'm not as pale as the above photo implies but I must be what ten shades darker with some bronzing mousse on? I look like a different person! My skin does look airbrushed in the paler photo and it is most certainly not that clear or smooth in real life.....
Make Over or Make Under??

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