Monday, 19 November 2012

Life: October 2012 Round Up

I have only just got my new laptop so I can now catch up on all I've been missing online! My sister does have a notebook laptop which I had been working on a little but it was hard work!
So honestly this month was a little bit of a blur. 
I started out getting a new tattoo, my best friend Michaela was moving to Birmingham this month and we both wanted to get another tattoo together.She opted for a crown and I decided to show all my love for fairytales and have 'Beauty Lies Within' printed at the top of my back. It actually didn't hurt too bad just the part on the spine. Ouchy!
That weekend Mitch-the boyfriend- started his masters in screenwriting and so I decided to visit him in Wales, its a part time course but I think he will really enjoy it. I spent the majority of Saturday with his mum and then we had Indian take away we went to go see Looper (check out quick review.)
Mitch had his driving test and he passed! YAY! Best drivers past second time of course, so proud of him :) He has also decided to grow a beard, LOL, it suits him though- of course.
October also seemed to be the month all TV shows returned; 90210, Gossip Girl, Arrow, Sons of Anarchy, Supernatural, Once Upon A Time and Revenge. So I have a great deal of programs to keep up with, I don't know why they all hit us at once! They also had the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special which was amazing but so scary!
Talking of Halloween I didn't do anything so unbelievably gutted, my favourite holiday and I had just moved to London so was far too busy, I am already looking at costumes for next year.
Around the middle of October was when we started packing and sorting out the house- it was so much effort. I've lived in over 20 houses and every time the move is always so tedious and never gets any easier.
20th October was the date I went to see Disney on Ice!!! It was amazing!! So magical. We were the only people who didn't have children with us but who cares? It was amazing, I definitely want to go again, such an awesome present from Mitch.
My last day at work was 23rd and I was actually quite sad to say goodbye to everyone, after two years and working in numerous departments I think that I met some lovely people. My leaving fits were just perfect too. They bought me Disney princess socks and magnets  bottle of wine, box of chocolates and a personalized Beauty and the Beast towel with my name on. Glorious!
The 25th was the final film quiz for me and my sisters before we headed to the Big Smoke and we WON! BOOM! There was ten teams too and we managed to come out on top. So happy but will be gutted to not attend another one, team Quizzitch shall reign on. It was a fun night where we went for Indian then had some drinks and won some money which likely paid off our food.
I had my final pay day on 26th October which is pretty daunting as I am moving to London with a no job and no income. Eeek.
Finally I moved house on 28th October, the same day the clocks went back, how fitting. A new start and with this I am giving my blog a reboot.
I am hoping November will be all about new experiences :D

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